Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee + The Decorista Diaries: Poster and DIY colorblock frame!!

Vibrant new freebie poster to download here, and a tutorial to display it just below!!

Download this poster here!
Frame it, hang it on a blank wall, or put it on your crafty clipboard for some added hobbying fun!
And now, check this out!

Bring a hint of the ongoing color block trend in your home with this fun, colourful diy and add a burst of colour to your workspace.

Here's what you need..

1.Foam board/ About an inch wider and longer than the picture that you want to frame.
2.Transparent plastic sheet.The size of your foam board.
3.Your picture
4.Readjustable adhesive glue pads/double sided tape. (actually make that an and)
5.A pair of scissors
6.Balsa wood, thin wood perfect for modelling and cutting, found most at crafts stores.
7.Cardstock in colour of your choice. I chose a nice, vibrant pink. (such a girl that I am!)
8.Paper cutter knife

Here's how:

1.Begin by cutting your foamboard like I mentioned above at least an inch wider and longer on all sides.

2.My balsa is an inch wide. Cut it down to the length of the longer side of the foamboard.In my frame I used balsa on the longer side and used colour on the shorter ones.

I trimmed out the white bordering my picture  too.
Now cut the second balsa piece which goes on the other longer side the same length as the first piece

3. Now take your first balsa piece again, and from one end,mark an inch less using the second balsa pieace's width as reference. Or just take a ruler, and mark an inch less from the end if what I just said confused you.
The point is, you want the length of the balsa you cut in the previous step to be in inch lesser

4.Do the same for your second piece of balsa. I'll show you why we chopped off an inch from both the pieces in a sec.
Here, see this, we want the balsa to frame the picture like this.

5.Now cut the width of the cardstock one inch too using a paper cutter knife. That would be the same width as the balsa wouldn't it. So I use the balsa to trace the line on cardstock with pencil instead of using a ruler

6.Here's how it should look.Are you getting the gist of it yet?

7.Cut the second strip of cardstock now exactly like the first one. and here's how it's gonna look.
(Remember we haven't glued anything down yet!)

8.Now that we have our frame parts, we take the transparent sheet and place the picture underneath it and on top of the transparent sheet we glue over the parts using double-sided tape. Then remove the picture from underneath the transparent sheet and you would have the something that looks like this. (remember that we only glued the balsa and cardstock over the plastic sheet and glued nothing to picture itself.We just used it as a reference to place our parts)

9.Now using the readjustable gluepads fix the picture to the frame and then to the foamboard. You can also do this with double sided tape, the difference being that you cannot later replace the picture inside the frame.

10.Trim off any protuding edges or simply readjust until nothing of the foamboard or anything sneaky is peeking out.

And we're done!

Catchya all soon!


  1. Wow, fantastic site, I'm really glad I found you through Starsunflower Studio. Thanks for sharing your awsome freebies, much appreciated. Kind regards
    Jo x

  2. Whao Jo, I never knew I was featured there, just checked it out! Thankyou! xoxo!




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