Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspiration Nation // All about Gorgeous GiftWrapping and Pretty Storage!

I'm so excited to start this new series called Inspiration Nation! I figured I needed a space where I could share DIY's which weren't exactly DIY's...erm, more like a vast colorful ocean of DIY tips and techniques, and also a whole lotta on trend how-tos. This first post will be all about glitzing and glamming up discarded cardboard and bringing it to new life *and* using the same technique to whip up some crazy fun and pretty storage for your lil n' loved collections!

For starters. let's begin with this cute n' chic way to dress up your gifts! You'll need anything cute you can find for this, don't just stick to ribbons, add cute vintagey or bright colorful buttons to your stash, maybe tiny doilies if those are available (I dunno about tiny doilies, I made mine in Photoshop!), even sparkle and glitter, and don't forget the renowned one solution to all: washi tape!
Let's start this eenie meenie adventure shall we?

Here are a few of the supplies I used, striped Washi Tape, a collection of assorted ribbons in Gold,green and white, ruler to map the edges, little color coordinated doilies with your giftwrap, sharpies, Gold and Silver Markers, wet and stick glue!

All I did was recycle junk cardboard (using Granola Bar Boxes, Cereal Boxes etc!) and cut it according to my template.Before you cut out the cardboard onto the template, paste your giftwrap on the other side and cut out the template.Now fold along the creases and keep the fold in position with some tacky glue.

Now to jazz up the lids, cut out a lil washi tape to fit length-wise on one side of the lid!

If you boxes are bigger than mine, you can write the initial of the person you're gifting it to in the doily's center and loop it using a ribbon to the box or stick it on with a lil bit of extra Washi!
I think it would be a fab idea to use a tower of these boxes in threes or fours to gift to each person of a small family! It would look so cute with the letters monogrammed on the doilies!
You can download these same giftwrap papers from my free Garden Mists collection!

I used different sized boxes to house earrings, tops(studs),necklaces and bracelets!

You can use the ribbons as is with a bow or make some ribbon roses as toppers.If you're not sure how to go about that watch this very easy video tut here.
Or loop multi colored beads and gems into a ribbon or some yarn and wind it through cute tags or labels! (also in my Garden Mists collection for free!)

Other ways to freshen up your gifts:
  • Using newspapers! They bring an antique feel to your gifts.Don't worry that they'd look cheap, just add a that much needed color burst with some scrap fabric ribbons/bows/flowers/toppers!Also, I've seen tuts on the web teaching you how to make flowers outta discarded book pages! Ta-da! Perfect match!
  • Using satin/velvet scrap fabric and sewing them into lil pouches makes such a dazzling cute gift for small accessories! Tie them round with gold/silver ribbon! Metallics go amazing with velvet and satin.
  • Using colorful magazine pages to make fun envelopes for gifting coupons is also a net idea!
  • When you are short of time, use plain cardboard boxes or discarded boxes of other items and do a quick  coat with metallic/glitter spray paint! This makes sure you have enough time left to choose your gift/DIYing without fussing over wrapping/packaging it and still making it look lovely!
  • At most times, all you need is a pretty oversized gift tag to zap some new life onto plain single color wraps!
  • If you have scrap lace available at hand, it makes for a super addition to any plain jane cardboard boxes making it go from blah to shabby chic!
  • There's no need to stick to just one bow, gather multiple bows in an ombre style to wound round your box!
  • It's always interesting to bring a change to the norm so there's no need to stick to regular boxes, star shaped or any unique shaped ones also add a cute touch!
  • To create a beautiful vintage feel, combine lace, net and snip off a rose/flower from atificial stemmed flowers and glue it on to the lid!
  • Masking tape comes to rescue in so many situations! Place a little masking tape at random angles on your box and spray paint in one or a million hues, remove the tape and voila! Instant update!
  • To give your gifts an extra kick, print out one of the memorable pictures you had from spending time with that person and and paste it on the inside/backside of your gift tag or even on toppa the lid! (Instagram pics look fantastic!)
  • If you have any not-in-use-anymore ear rings or lost one from a pair you had, secure it to a plain gift tag to up the oomph a notch higher!
For more cheap and chic tips feel free to contact me!
All that was about  the art of giftwrapping, now let's see an infographic on the science behind it!

I hope this first post in this serious kickstarted some inspiration! Do let me know in the comments!

To download the doily patterns I used click 1,2,3
To download the gift box template I used, click here!

Credit for some elements used in the infographic were freebies from this wonderful Facebook Page!

See you with another fantastic post on the table!
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Nash :) :) :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles-DIY Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray!

It's been a while since I wrote but hopefully, this is a good comeback! I'm one of those people who doesn't have a whole lot of luxury time to get prim and pretty in the morning and that meant in all the bedlam that my morning routine saw, most of my makeup and accessories were lying in an ugly jumble!
I ignored and ignored and ignored it, even with this DIY in my mind for weeks but never really got down to it since I was battling with exams in my university, until now.....
Enter this glitzy 'n glam vanity tray!For those of you who've played around with the lethal glitter n modpodge combo before that turns anything to fab, this is self-explanatory.For the other party, I've listed the instructions via pictures!
This looks soooooooooo darn su-weet sitting on your vanity, it was a major update to the cluttered space by my mirror which now looks all organized and blingy! (...and girly, if you're into that sorta thing!)

First up, here's the instructions in pictures!

1.Grab a shoebox lid/old tray/picture frame.Vintage picture frames look gorgeous.Shoebox lids are obviously cheaper, but I didn't have the other two, so I went with the lid.Next, a pair of scissors, a ruler to cut the paper to size, masking tape, gold glitter (any color really), and velvet textured adhesive papers (available at craft stores.), If not at hand, go for velvet or felt!Other supplies include craft glue, and a transparent plastic sheet.Oh yes, also a paint brush (not pictured)

2.Wrap up the lid in the velvet textured adhesive sheet.Smooth out any creases, (Tip:Try not to be impatient like me)

3.Try to make a tidy-as-you-can chevron pattern with masking tape. I was initially gonna use double-sided tape, and just sprinkle all the glitter on top but I couldn't find my double-sided tape roll! -_-

4.Take a clean paint brush and brush on a generous amount of craft glue on to the untaped areas, one at a time. Do the first one, sprinkle glitter, then the second and so on;otherwise your glue will dry up.

5.Wait for the glue to dry, Do two-three coats.If you find any area peeking, add a lil glue with a toothpick and a pinch of glitter over it.Let dry.

6.Cut the transparent plastic sheet to size.Snip off any weird corners or edges, Readjust, dot a little clear-drying glue at the corners.Press down firm.

7.Done! If you want, up the pretty quotient by adding a trim of coordinating washi tape around the lid's perimeter.Now just corral all your everyday essentials into the tray and enjoy your new easy-peasy glittery creation!

PS:I've made my new freebie collection and that would be the next post in case you've been waiting for it all this time!I'm also starting a new series called "The 5 minute Craft Spree Series" for crafts that can be done in five minutes or less.

If you used a shoebox lid like me for this project and are wondering what to do with the shoebox check out this rad way to dish up extra vertical wall storage!

See you next time,
Nash xoxo!



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