Monday, May 27, 2019


Hey there lovelies! As we are progressing into the last blessed and precious ten days of Ramadan, I wanted to share something that I'm sure will help each one of my Muslim brothers and sisters out there of every age group. Each one of us is tested with difficulties and sorrow in some form or the other and this elevates our position in the eyes of Allaah as long as we remain patient and steadfast in His trust while working towards a solution. Remember, the virtue of patience never means that you rely on Allaah and be stagnant. Allaah said to trust Him and also tie your camel :D So what can you do in the meanwhile as you are struggling, in the spiritual sense?

Well one of the best things you can do is memorize supplications from the Quran and Hadith specially meant to ward off worries and difficulties and keep your heart at rest, because if the heart is uneasy, you won't be able to work towards figuring out solutions as your mind feels clouded with all the negativity you are going through. 

This goes for mothers, children, any human in an abusive or oppressed situation, those bearing the loss of loved ones, those under an unjust ruler, those who have been slandered, those who are childless, those suffering mental trauma, those battling poverty; I see each one of you and I pray each one of you comes out from this dark place closer to Allaah than before and stronger than ever!

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All of these dua's are for similar circumstances so you can read any or all three of them. The best action would be to memorize them and even teach it to others; imagine the immense reward you will receive, InshaAllaah! Besides that, if you've memorized them, they're easier to recall on the go wherever you are to immediately remind yourself that Allaah is very close to you and you are never alone in your sorrow. 
     Make sure you hang them up in a place where you're sure to come across the regularly, in the entry way perhaps or over your work desk or maybe by your beside. Since the whole family comes together for Iftar this time of the year, you can even have the Du'a in your dining area so everyone can read it right before the Maghrib Adhaan is called out since this a time when a fasting person's supplications are accepted. (If you want to know other such times, click here)

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FREE ISLAMIC WALL ART PRINTS : DU'AS FOR DEPRESSION AND HARDSHIPS by Craft A Doodle Doo #islamic #printables #duas #wallart #gallery #islam #supplications #depression #mentalhealth #watercolors #muslim #prints #freebies

Also, don't limit yourself please. If you're unable to print them out, you can still save them on your phone or even as your wallpaper so that you read them frequently Remember, du'as need to be consistent and sincere :) Don't let anything set you back from taking little moments in your day to bring yourself closer to God. You are both creating time for self-care through this as well as pleasing your Creator.
FREE ISLAMIC WALL ART PRINTS : DU'AS FOR DEPRESSION AND HARDSHIPS by Craft A Doodle Doo #islamic #printables #duas #wallart #gallery #islam #supplications #depression #mentalhealth #watercolors #muslim #prints #freebies

If you would also like to share these on social media, please feel free to do so but make sure you tag me or link back so people can visit the link and download. If you're printed these out and hung them up, also let me know so that I can check it out <3 I especially used hand-painted watercolors and florals in bright, calming hues because colors also affect your mood and so looking at happy colors makes us happy \(*_*)/ If you've seen the behind-the-scenes on my Instagram stories, you can see the entire process of painting these watercolor prints and follow along on my future painting adventures.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Hello everyone! A hearty Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating Ramadan this year all over the world. I hope that wherever you are, your worship, prayer and charity is accepted and rewarded and may all your hardships ease, Ameen.

Today, I have something for you all that I've been working on for a while. This is especially helpful for reverts (people who have just entered into the fold of Islam) and young children who are more inclined to learning when they have a clear guideline and something they can refer back to as many times as they want. Think of them as Ramadan flashcards :D

For those who aren't Muslims and are unaware about the month of Ramadan, this is a when Muslims all over the world fast for a complete month for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to empathize with the poor and understand what poverty feels like by abstaining from food and drink. Other reasons are spreading peace and charity to the needy (which is obligatory) and focusing more on worshiping God to attain reward. This is also the month where the reward for good deeds are multiplied so avoiding everything that is bad and enjoining love and forgiveness becomes a priority for every Muslim who wants to make the best use of this holy month.

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Free Ramadan Printables: Checklist, Reminders and more! #free #printables #ramadan #islam #eid #planner #checklist #fasting #prayer

Within this Ramadan package, you'll find six set of printables:

1. Daily Dhikrs (or "tasbeeh", words to praise, thank and remember God (Allaah) by)

2. Ramadan Checklist (a quick list of daily reminders to help you get the most reward out of Ramadan)

3. Steps to maintain focus in your Salah (prayer) : this is especially useful for taraweeh when our mind commonly get distracted (the night prayer)

4. Circumstances when your dua's have the most chance of getting accepted (locations and times)

5. Etiquette of making du'a (Ensure you are making du'as the right way)



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