Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Let's start with a drumroll! Four delicious projects you can use to give your room a glam update! These are all whimsical projects which add a classy or dreamy flair and they are all terribly simple. I've gotten inspired by Bando so much recently, decided on buying their gorgeous agenda and while that arrives, I'll make do with some DIY bando themed projects. That being said, Kate Spade is still on my wishlist but her lovely storage boxes are way out of my budget considering all of the other art supplies I'm continually purchasing. That is where Gold Spray Paint comes in - our Xena Warrior Princess for everything DIY and everything Kate Spade inspired.
Craft A Doodle Doo - 4 Chic Room Decor Ideas You NEED to TRY! #easy #chic #room #decor #ideas

We are making everything from dainty bell jars to house your prettiest accessories or craft supplies to hidden hollow book storage that is so cheery it will always put you in a good mood. Next we'll be moving onto dressing your ceiling with some greens that can are easy to install and easy to remove. Great for parties or just for seasonal room decor for a fresh burst of the outdoors :a hanging origami garden! In the end, we'll wield that gorgeous can of gold spray paint, add hot pink and orange accents and with a little help from Ikea, craft some fabulous storage to hide all your treasures in.

Let's get started, shall we?


You'll need:

-An empty glass jar.
We will be inverting this later so make sure there is no text embossed at the bottom of the jar. If there is you might probably have to cover it up with either fabric or wrapping paper. I used an empty tomato puree jar and it was just the right size to upcycle without any text at the bottom.

-A saucer or the lid of a discarded container. I used the lid of a cotton swabs container.

-A ring or a small bauble. You could use a decorative bead or faux pearls

-Heavy-duty glue/glue gun

-Lace or washi tape
Craft A Doodle Doo - 4 Chic Room Decor Ideas You NEED to TRY! #easy #chic #room #decor #ideas

What you'll do:

1.Begin by sanitizing the jar and the lid and then drying it. Next invert it and eyeball the center of the base. Glue down the ring or the faux pearl at the center.

2.If you're using a saucer, skip this step but if you're using a lid then, again, invert it and along the circumference run some lace or washi tape to add a touch of fancy. Additionally you can also spray paint the saucer/lid in a metallic color or neon.
Craft A Doodle Doo - 4 Chic Room Decor Ideas You NEED to TRY! #easy #chic #room #decor #ideas

3.Add in your display items to your new belljar. I think lipsticks would look the cutest as displays. What do you think? ;)
Craft A Doodle Doo - 4 Chic Room Decor Ideas You NEED to TRY! #easy #chic #room #decor #ideas


Craft A Doodle Doo - 4 Chic Room Decor Ideas You NEED to TRY! #easy #chic #room #decor #ideas



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