Monday, April 29, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles//DIY Cross-Stitch Wall Art (without the stitching!)

Well, hullo there wall-art lovers united!
Lookie here! 

Let's start with the behind-the-scenes of this wall-art adventure tale.
It all began with a cute idea to use a stamp to punch in some cross marks using inkpads to create a beautiful rose *cross-stitch" wall-art.
Problem #1 encountered: I don't own stamps, in fact, I don't even own a single stamp. I'm not that aaaahhh-such a pretty stamp! kinda offense.
Problem #2 encountered: I don't own inkpads,refer to problem #1.

So now what?
Nothing to worry about, I thought. I can make my own (stamp), with a pencil eraser topper!
Wow, that's brilliant, I was almost pleased with myself to begin working on it when I thought, hmmm, why not make it easier?
Great, the only "cross-mark" thing I could come up with was a + sign screw driver. Hmm, sounds good, until I actually tried it of course. It came out a horrible mess.
So much for the old rusty screw-driver fiasco.
Wait, there's still hope! What about the rubber topper idea? So I tried that too, maybe it would've worked if I had inkpads at hand, but with paint? Nope, it looked like some kid's finger nail marks drenched in paint.
There was a way, but I was determined to think of an easier way until I finally gave in, to the hard way..
which, (btw), hardly turned out hard at all, you could set your little ones to do it once they get the idea!
Just get down sketch pens in your fav colors and some canvas!
Don't have a canvas? Use an old-shoe box lid, carton lid any lid for which you can cut a white sheet to size and glue it on. Then start on a cross-marking spree like me,

Oh, you wanted to know why I was so grounded to do this stuff and hang it prettily on my wall in the first place?

Here, look at this mouth watering inspiration!            

Here are snaps of my progress with my lil colorful weapons:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beauty in A Nutshell- 7 Amazing Things you can do with your Foundation!

Hey there, gorgeous! 
Spring cannot be a more demanding season to look fresh-faced! Wait, what's that I hear? You're tight on cash? You want multi-tasking products? Mr. Time is going very fast?

Here are seven fabulous ways you can use your foundation or tricks you can play with your foundation to finally make it listen to you!

Enjoy (and pin!)!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee-Free Springlove Deco Papers/Notes!

This set of four note-themed papers are perfect for decorating big boxes and using the *notes* on the papers to label the contents, creating stylish binder covers, sending a big box of cookies to a special someone whose name you can include on the notes, framing them to add a vibrant color punch to your sad walls and just in case you're still wondering what I'm talking about, I show you how to use one of these as a binder cover at the end of this post!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pretty Me Up-Probably one of the most chic belts you'll ever make for cheap!

Hello there!
Do you love skinny belts? I know I do! Well, here's a skinny belt that:
A.Has Glitter
B.Looks super chic
C.Has minimum materials used
D.Gives shapeless dresses a glamour punch!

Now that I've got you excited, let me tell you first that this can be a lil bit time-consuming, but at the end of the post I promise I'll add some super-alternatives you can try out!

This skinny belt was inspired by the design here.

In India or its neighboring Asian countries, you get heavy laces like these for a significant amount of cash because they are usually used to design custom bridal outfits which if you've seen Indian brides before, are detailed with loadza intricate, heavy work and motifs!

So let's do a cheaper version at home! (and also to use up the glitter from my DIY Vanity Tray)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beauty In A Nutshell- DIY Concealer!

Hello there!
A simple trick I often used to do when I'm outta concealer or having trouble matching a newly bought one to my skin tone would be the one I show right here!
It was only recently that I thought of separating another jar for this purpose just like the store-bought ones!

Just follow the instructions below!



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