Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beauty In A Nutshell- DIY Concealer!

Hello there!
A simple trick I often used to do when I'm outta concealer or having trouble matching a newly bought one to my skin tone would be the one I show right here!
It was only recently that I thought of separating another jar for this purpose just like the store-bought ones!

Just follow the instructions below!

It's best to use a foundation that is not runny and one that was a tad bit lighter to your skin tone, great if you bought a foundation that you haven't used yet cuz' it turned out lighter on your face!
To give it a ladylike twist I added a trim of Washi Tape to the Jar and a plain old label.(Sigh, I can never get over my Washi Obsession)
If you love how it calms your under-eye area because of the cooling effect you can pop it back into the fridge after use! My Bourjois foundation worked best with this.Another drugstore foundation that may do well would be the Revlon Colorstay?
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Do try this and lemme know!
Much love, Nash <3


  1. this is a really cool idea, my favourite foundation is runny so i might put it in the freezer instead:)

  2. Thanks! If your foundation is runny, you can refrigerate it for more than a couple of days, I'm not sure how it will turn out if you pop it in the freezer,let me know! :)

  3. Interesting idea! I've got the worst dark circles ever so I'll give this a shot! Love all your DIY makeup posts :)

  4. Hi Vanessa! Do make sure you give the foundation lots of time to set. I've tried this with Revlon Colorstay and it takes lesser time (around a few hours) to thicken than other foundations. Some foundations also take about 4-5 days. :)




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