Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I've been giving a lot of gifts lately. What can I say, they're not just fun to give but also to receive! In lieu of that, I realized, what if we need to give a present pronto and want a super quick finishing touch? You all already love my printables I keep posting all the time here (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you NEED to check out my freebie gallery here). So, I wondered- why not experiment with my own patterns and come up with a bunch of cute printable gift tags? You can  them stick on to any gift or wind a ribbon through and make them even more adorable, even if your presents are wrapped in cellophane, and you're good to go! That sound like fun? Just fill in the blank spaces with text or a lovely handwritten note and there you have it. Have a look!

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FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS BY CRAFT A DOODLE DOO #free #printable #gift #tags #holidays #parties #presents #party #decor #gifts #labels #organization

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Boxes and boxes of wonderfully arranged roses on Instagram! Have you seen these? Please tell me you have because they seem absolutely viral to me, well viral as far as those super expensive yet dreamy lifestyle accounts on Instagram go. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out these beautiful rose decor pieces here, here, here and here. They look so classy, chic and expensive and  guess what- they actually are! In the UAE, a tiny box of 16 roses of these from Maison de Fleurs sets you back 385 dirhams and I made it for: 10 dirhams! Granted, mine aren't fresh roses but they look just as good and pretty. The #rosebox tag on instagram itself yeilds over 97,000 results guys, that is insane- but nowwwwwyou can DIY your own!

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DIY Viral Instragram Rose flower Box #diy #rose #box #viral #home #decor #gifts Rose decor box to make your space and style look expensive!

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Oh my, I'm SO excited to introduce you guys to these, mainly because I can't believe I haven't done desktop wallpapers, ever. It is ridiculous because I'm giving away free stuff both digital and printables on my blog, like - ALL the time, but- better late than never right? Who doesn't need a motivational boost from time to time - especially when you're tiring away on the keyboard all day and feel like you need that wee bit of lift? I gotchya covered!

Free Motivational Wallpapers by Craft A Doodle Doo #free #girly #inspirational #desktop #wallpapers #patterns #motivational #quotes #graphics #download

Monday, October 1, 2018


I think this a Kate Spade inspired collection is just what this blog needed - didn't it? You know, the frequent use of gold and poppy reds and bright happy greens, classy blacks and whites that you'll already find in plenty on this blog and my other free printable collections ;) With Kate Spade's recent suicide, it felt like we needed to bring that happy and playful sophistication back into style - the one that we remember from our first Kate handbag, or for her stinkin' cute stationery and home decor; now we can have it all back, or as closest to it as we get!

This collection has been inspired by that playful glam color palette, sweet, chic graphic prints and quotes Kate Spade often uses on their designs. You'll find lots of use for these freebies- just have a look below!

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FREE KATE SPADE INSPIRED PRINTS BY CRAFT A DOODLE DOO. Chic Kate Spade printables for free download #free #printables #katespade #collection #digital #prints

These are 12 gorgeous prints you can you for practically anything and everything- digitally or as custom made printables. For commercial use, you can find the entire collection on my Etsy Shop! My amazing followers can have eight of the digital papers (and 2 secret bonus prints, shh!) for FREE!

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FREE KATE SPADE INSPIRED PRINTS BY CRAFT A DOODLE DOO. Chic Kate Spade printables for free download #free #printables #katespade #collection #digital #prints



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