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Hello and welcome back everyone!
      I'm pretty sure most people are either quarantined or self-isolating right now while a looming uncertainty awaits all of us. I kept coming across numerous metal wellness and self-care posts on instagram and I was wondering how I could support you all guys to ease you all through these tough times. And it occurred to me, that I'd rather not write some big mighty words that may not be applicable to what everyone is going through. I think we could all just use a simple reminder whenever we feel like our mind comes crashing down.

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Free Motivational Phone and Tablet Wallpapers //Craft A Doodle Doo #free #inspirational #wallpapers #quarantine #motivation #iphonewallpaper #ipadwallpaper #digitaldownload #watercolorart

    For those suffering from any sort of mental illness, or just higher anxiety levels than usual because of their testing circumstances, here's a compassionate digital wallpaper to let you gently know to have faith and hold on. There's always light at the end of the tunnel even though it may not look like it at the moment.

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Free Motivational Phone and Tablet Wallpapers //Craft A Doodle Doo #free #inspirational #wallpapers #quarantine #motivation #iphonewallpaper #ipadwallpaper #digitaldownload #watercolorart

For those of you who have had your friends and family infected, or you're having symptoms, hang in there. For those of you who were living on daily wages and feel petrified of how they will support themselves and their loved ones tomorrow, hang in there. Don't let the paranoia overwhelm you. For those of you on the front-line and essential care workers who feel under-valued and overlooked; hang in there. 
       For those of you who keep posting on their socials about how much they've accomplished today; hang in there. It's great that you are being productive despite it being challenging but please, also hold space for those who can't make it through. For those of us having healthy habits in this time, let's find a way to empower and inspire others without shaming those who are not able to find the strength who cannot find that energy. Sometimes even just getting out of bed and being able to pray feels like the greatest accomplishment and we all need to help each other along regardless of where we are at in this journey.

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Free Motivational Phone and Tablet Wallpapers //Craft A Doodle Doo #free #inspirational #wallpapers #quarantine #motivation #iphonewallpaper #ipadwallpaper #digitaldownload #watercolorart

So this wallpaper tells you exactly that, hang in there and keep having faith. Some days will feel like you're surfing the ways and some days will feel like you are drowning all alone but nothing is permanent and you'll get through and find a way, eventually.

A little lighter backstory, this wallpaper features on one my original watercolor artworks. So I designed it as a medley of bright, cheery colors and to fit different sizes. When you download the wallpaper, you'll receive different wallpaper sizes that can fit phone and tablet screens. 

If you'd like to re-post, please feel free to re-post linking back or adding credits to any of my socials so people know where they can download some for themselves to. You can also use this as framed art to keep your spirits high or send it as a long-distance present to someone you love.

Psst, here's what other screen fits the wallpapers can be optimized for:

1. iPhone 8 should be applicable for iphone 6, iphone 6s and iphone 7
2. iPhone 8 Plus should be applicable for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
3. iPhone X should be applicable for iPhone Xs
4. iPad Air should be applicable for iPad 3 and iPad 4
5. iPad Pro should be applicable for 11" iPad Pro.
6. Samsung Note should fit up to Samsung Note 8.



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