Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This post is a special dedication to all the bloggers and designers out there who need quick-fixes to give their photographs or projects a makeover. I've made a set of the cutest floral png files (for a layman, you can put these anywhere since a png image file type allows transparent backgrounds). These overlays can be used atop your regular backgrounds or pictures to get a speedy, catchy result!
So think loadza pretty images, greeting cards or personalized gift tags and oh-so-glorious scrapbooking! Time to spice up some snapshots!

I'll add in a few steps at the bottom of this post for my regular blog readers to use it too!

Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

If you're using these anywhere for online design or in any pictures in your post on the web, pleaseeee be a darling and give a tiny link crediting back to Craft A Doodle Doo.

If you're printing them out, you don't need to do anything as such. ;)


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Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

For non-bloggers/designers:

1. Open up any editing software (MS Word for example.)
(Steps for Ms Word:
On the blank page, simply go to Page Layout options, and choose page colors. The drop down list also shows other options like Fill Effects. Browse for any pattern, gradient or background you wish and apply it on the document. Go to 'insert image' and browse for the overlay element you want and it will appear on your background.)

2.Browse the image overlay from the above that you'd like to use and apply it on the document. (Or just copy-paste)

3.Use the text option in your software to customize the plain design as per need.

*I'm sorry but I have no idea why this doesn't work on Paint. I've tried other softwares and it works fine. :D

Alternatively, print them straight away to minus the hassle and use some gorgeous calligraphy or brilliant handwriting if you have the skills and I'm promise  it'll look stellar!

You can also stroll through the rest of my freebies here

Free Gift! - If you happen to be one of those VIP individuals in my subscription list, I'll have a related printable gift waiting for you in your inbox by the end of this week. If you haven't yet subscribed, don't miss out!

Lots of hugs,


Q. I've downloaded the files but can't seem to find the software to open them.
A. I've used WinRar which is a compressing software to reduce the file size for quick upload and download. WinRar/Winzip is normally installed in most computers, you just need to right click the downloaded file and extract the overlays.
If you don't have the software already installed, just download Winzip or Peazip & install.

If you're still having problems, just email me at miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com and Ill send over the files to you! :)



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Monday, June 16, 2014


So this quick beauty was so easy to dish out and the outcome was so fabulous that I simply couldn't resist snapping away pictures! And you probably do have an Eiffel Tower souvenir or something right, right? No? Okay, well you can use a miniature souvenir from some random famous tower of your own country or tiny lil toys stolen from your kid/sibling/unknown child across the street. I was about to use stray chess pieces spray painted gold on a faux lil chessboard first, but that idea went whoosh when I remembered this darling key chain, just hibernating in one of my drawers.

Who can resist an Eiffel Tower ring dish? Plus, it's such a good daily catch-all if you're a ring, or even an ear-rings-ish kinda person. And of course, the dish has to be overdressed, because nothing can ever be over-dressed for me when done right. In short, here's a nice way to organize your rings!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea
It's also literally the simplest, glamorous way to make a squeal-worthy gift for you mum/sister/daughter/friend/lalala.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Did I mention this is Part 1 of my new series called : Vanity Rehab?

Just sayin' but in case your vanity needs an update, love, you can keep coming back for some more ideas. I've done so much more jewelry organizing posts here and realized I'm good at that sort of thing + I hoard a tiny bit more every few months so I'll be posting on more ideas especially dedicated to that.

Onto the diy,

You'll need:

-Decorative beads. gems etc. Even ones from a broken bracelet.
-A tall-ish small souvenir/miniature keepsake etc. (read above if you were lazy and skipped everythin')
-A lid, circular cardboard/glass/plastic base(or maybe even a coaster. And no, it doesn't HAVE to be circular. It can be octagonal, your choice.)

Just for trivia, I used one of those small golden cardboard *things* that come underneath store-bought pastries here. Don't ask me why I kept that. (I'm a diy blogger.)
-Glue gun/super-glue
-A small mirror (smaller than than the base). Just for some added glam-factor.


Even tho' this is pretty self explanatory, here we go.

1. I started by using a gold marker to paint around the black rim of my round mirror (which I prized out from my used compact case.)

2. Eyeball the center of the cardboard base and hot glue the mirror over.

3. Start from the diametric middle of the mirror and hot-glue your gems around going alternatively.
Meaning you stick one gem to the right of the first one.

And one gem to the left of the first one.

Just so that it gives each one good enough time to dry and they don't budge later.
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

4 Clean the mirror.I removed the tower from the key chain and hot-glued its legs in the center of the mirror.
If your keepsake comes in atrocious colors, just paint/spray paint it gold, silver, neon, pastel because all those things are in. Or just do whatever you like.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Ta-done. Done. Stack up the rings and stare at it everyday while you dress up!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Have fun!
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

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Hugs and smiles,


Friday, June 6, 2014


Second year of Architecture came to such a dizzying end and the cherry on top was what you see right here. Like my last Architecture project: (the complete process of which is photologged here) French Consulate General in an Arab Country, this year's final project was to create a science and discovery museum on category of choice.

I chose an Islamic Art & Culture Museum of course since I'm always so smitten by the complex geometric and botanically intricate mashrabiyyas. 
Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

The concept was multi-faceted especially because the Islamic Arab heritage is so rich. While primarily based on the Arabian desert aspects of undulating sand dunes and oasis, the concept was also supposed to represent the up and down graph of the Arab era, of scientific discoveries and inventions which marked its peak, of the birth of Islam, of the depression of the period before literacy in ancient pagan times. The synergy of these ideas led to an edgy, modern form of the building jutting out from the roof, interspersed by skylights to break what would have been an otherwise "heavy" shape and lots of green outdoor areas for lounging in terrace cafes.

Let's start from the entrance,shall we?

The main entrance is dominated by two mashrabiyya canopies (the webbed geometric design is what you call a mashrabiyya, It has plenty of intricate net-like detailing and was used in traditional Arab houses as windows to control humidity, air current and provide privacy).

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

There are all in all four floors to the museum:

Floor 0 : Reception, ticket booths, gift shops, stores, outdoor cafe, office administration A separate staff entrance lies on the right lateral side of the entrance.
Floor 1: Exhibition Floor. Main exhibition. An outdoor exhibition area and two secondary exhibitions.
Floor 2: A theater, an "indoor" amphitheater space. A couple of multipurpose halls
Floor 3: Learning resource center: Library, digital and interactive areas for learning, etc.

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

The lengthy trapezoidal terrace you see covered in lush grass is the outdoor exhibition on the first floor. I hope things are slightly starting to make sense now. (lol)

And oh, this is the seaside elevation (below). The whole outdoor exhibition and cafe lounge (which is the green area on the ground level) faces the Red Sea.

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

The continuity of the triangular mass is seen on the landscaping. The function of the mashrabiyyas here is to serve as shade as well as aesthetic. The perforation allows the visitors to enjoy the sea side view as well.
Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture
A closer look at the voids and skylights in the roof. The texture was done using parchment paper (Hah!). The mashrabiyyas were done using Autocad of course in a laser-cutting lab especially for students. :D

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture
Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

The front elevation of the buildings and the two lateral sides all have the mashrabiyyas but the back side looks a bit different. Like below.

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

Here's the side opposite to the seaward side.(along with the main elevation you see on the left)

Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

 And that pretty much sums up the facade of my second year's project!
Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

Oh, and tiny little details like this made me feel happier about it!
The pavement work leading to the outdoor exhibition!
Craft A Doodle Doo Islamic Art and Culture Museum Proposal #design #architecture

How did you like it? Lemme know!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Since my floral papers with a vintage twist are the most popular digital paper packs at Craft A Doodle Doo and I've been having lots of requests for commercial use, hence the on the spur decision to actually create a similar paper pack as the earlier ones with a vintage flair!

Go buy the full collection in my shop ....or if you're looking for some instant free gratification, you can test out the mini sample kit from the same collection!

The kit includes 4 delicious papers and 5 adorable gift tags for you to add that final polished touch to all your presents!

Craft A Doodle Doo-Euphoric Vintage Free Digi Pack #free #printables #floral #vintage

And of course, use them as digital graphic to brighten up your web design or as printables to dress up millions of projects, frame them or scrapbook with them, however you use them they'll always make your creations a notch more fab!
Craft A Doodle Doo-Euphoric Vintage Free Digi Pack #free #printables #floral #vintage

And right after the creation of my DIY Notepads, numerous friends asked me if I could whip up some more for them. So here are more, made with the full collection!

The printer ran out of cyan, so it kept printing everything with a pinky tinge. My bad.
Craft A Doodle Doo-Euphoric Vintage Free Digi Pack #free #printables #floral #vintage
Craft A Doodle Doo-Euphoric Vintage Free Digi Pack #free #printables #floral #vintage

Have fun, stay marvelous and don't forget to check out the rest of my Freebies (or if you're a designer, my online Boutique!)

Here's a look at the entire collection. :)

And for the DIY of the notepads, check out my DIY Gallery!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's all about celebrating incredible futures this month as I wrapped up the best of the best deals for you in a neat pinnable graphic. From inexpensive gifts that are worth far more than their price to moderately priced gifts they will cherish for a long time to come; these gifts range from hers, to him and gender-neutrals for those who aren't that sure what their grads may prefer!

I've also included my own DIYs as well as featured a couple of other talented bloggers because let's just put it straight, everyone's got such droolworthy ideas!

Craft A Doodle Doo-Graduation Gift Guide 2014 #diy #graduation #gift #ideas #graduates #guide


For her:

1. Set of notepads/ mini journals : Can be used for pasting keepsakes or writing brilliant ideas. These are so easy to make, totally customizable and can be made in many, many numbers!
See the link for DIY Notepads here.

2. DIY Ethinic Envelpe clutch: Which girl doesn't adore a doze of high-end fashion? Get the luxe look with a homemade version now. She'll be delighted!
Get the link for DIY Envelope Clutch here.

3.DIY Botanical Pen Bouquet: Pens or Pencils, this DIY Bouquet for the creative, writeoholic grad will totally light up her workspace and home decor! 
Get the link to the tut here!

For him:

1.Gym-worthy Ipod Holder: It can't get better than this! This easy-to-sew Ipod holder by Design Fixation fits snugly on your arm while you burn those pesky calories!
See the Ipod holder tutorial here!

2.Copper-pipe pencil holder: He'll be super-impressed with this classy industrial-lookin' copper DIY pencil holder by A Fabulous Fete fit to liven up even the plainest of desktops!
See the Pencil Holder tutorial here!

3. DIY Ipad Case: Have a faux animal skin placement mat or something of the likes? It's the shortest cut to make an Ipad Cover for a bit of fashionable protection! Roughly fold in half and fold over the extra onto the initial side securing with velcro like a clutch!



For her:

1. Floral Cnavas Backpack ($ 26) : Charlotte Ruse really knows how to do summer with this beautifully feminine backpack! Great for summer time trips and effortless style!

2.Rosa Pocket Notebooks ($ 10): If there's any stationery brand that can steal a girl's heart in an instant, it's Rifle Paper Co.! These two pretty notebooks are perfect to jot down memos in style!

3.Neon Nailpolish in Rainbow Sherbet ($3.99) - Best-selling and oh-so-vivid
4.First Blush Eyeshadow Palette ($ 1.99)- Double them up as rosy blushes!
5. Summer Strut Heels ($29.99) -Coral is always in!

from Rue 21 and Style For Less is a pretty package to make a fabulous gift for the summery fashionista!

6. Rue 21 Gift Card : If you'd like her to decide for herself what'd set her heart racing, give her one of these!

For him:

7. Thumbs up UK Fli-Tunes Sound Amplifier. Frisbee ($16.43)  A Flying Disk and sound amplifier for your phone in one? No way! Yes way!

8.IPhone Pocket Projector ($69) This product will be so worth the price to be shelled out! Perfect for travel and has first-rate reviews so you know he'll rave about it as soon as it's put to use!

9. The Inkless Metal Pen ($ 28.00)  No sharpening, never runs out of ink and made of metal. How much more swag can this have?
10.Word. Notebooks,3-pack ($9.99)  Don't guys get swanky ideas too? Let his keep track of to-dos with flair!


Gender -Neutrals:

1. ITunes Gift Cards ($25, $50, $100) : Include your personal message and give this fanciful card to a very overjoyed recipient!

2. Mosaic Photo Book ($20) : Lets grads stow away their priceless moments and breathtaking photography in a stunning photobook straight from! Check out the ultra-cool and easy process on the homepage!

3. Treatsie Gourmet Sweet Box Subscription ($29 and above) - Caramel popcorn, Espresso cookies, chocolate truffles, Almond Chocolate Toffee. Who canNOT relish this?

4. Custom Mugs, Shutterfly (Varying Prices)  Got any favorite pics they have while they sip on their cuppa joy? These cutom mugs from Shutterfly are definitely unique. Keep favorite snapshots hand because they're about to create a one-of-a-kind mug!

5. Collage Squares Ipad case ($49.49): Shutterfly is all about versatility so whip out an Ipad case that will be the crowd's envy using your grad's awesome snapshots! They'll treasure it, no questions!

Which one's your favorite?

Let me know!

Lookin' for other DIYs? I have hoards of ideas for you in my DIY Gallery!

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Lots of hugs,

**PS: I'm not sponsoring any of the brands mentioned above not do I have an affiliation program with any of them. All the ideas mentioned above were based solely on personal choice. 




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