Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//Probably the Prettiest Floral Printable Party Invites!

Ah well, what can I say, I'm about to leave for vacation, and before that, DIYs aren't exactly on the bloggie map right now, although I've thought tons of them. You know the drill, you think up of something fantastic and then,
" I should really darn make that sometime in the near future!"
What do we have today? 
Today we have the most delicious floral party invites that'll pop a grand ol' smile on yer pretty face!

And because I'll be vacationing, I'm not gonna abandon this sweet lil' bloghabitat of mine but there is gonna be a whole big fat month of freebies, probably the whole of June, there won't be DIYs.
Just loads, and loads and loads of...
and all that jazz.
So keep in tune!
That goes on the front^...
This goes on the back^..
There, I'm one happy teenager now after sharing this sweet printable with you! <3 <3 <3
 Let your guests feel special! 
If you loved the design, do drop me a comment below!
 Plus, remember to pin n' share if you adore 'em! 
Summer wishes n' hugs!
(psst, impressed? Then you'll love my other freebie collections!)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//Just about the Cutest Social Media Icon Set!

        Let's just say that when I don't find something I want on the web, I make it myself!                                   
         Hm,not too bad for a teenager I think, though maybe I'll make a cuter media set next     
         time,buuuuut, you guys will have to do this one for now!
        This is how I started designing all my freebies, one fine day I popped up Mr Google on my
        lappy to see if there were some cute, vintage floral patterns up for grabs and free which  
        didn't exist, at least none that I liked so much that I screamed (in my heart) with joy like an   
                                                          Yup, I'm fussy.
                                And probably a million other adjectives like that. (*wink) 
          Anyway, questions for you guys- Did you like this set, want me to make another one?
                                        Share your preferences, your wish is my command!*
                                                           (*conditions apply)
                         Ahem, anyway..
                                                                               Click to download!
           PS:If you're new to this social icon thingy, & wanna learn how to do it, here's an esp.
                                                           helpful tut for you!
          Annyyyyhooooowww, if you liked this freebie, and you're new here, I promise you're
                                               gonna be charmed by my other ones!
                                             which you can peacefully relish here :)
                  Don't forget to pin, share, tweet n' stumble if you happen to drool over it!
                                                   (oh, what am I saying, drool?) lol.
                                                        Till next time, take care,
                                                                   Nash :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cravings Ravings//Spicy Tandoori Bites! (Indian Street Style!)

Oh dear, it has been an enormous time since I actually penned down a recipe here, but that's because I always wanna share the best with you guys, and if something came out tasting THAT good from my kitchen, it's here. So then,
Here for the love of Indian Spicy food is a mouth-watering appetizer, Tandoori Chicken Bites and this is so very easy, you can whip it up for parties in a jiffy, or you can actually have all the guilty pleasure solo, or... (and this is my style)you can plomp down outdoors with your family or with a nice ol' book and go munchin'!

Inspiration Nation + The Freebie Jubilee//Free Facebook Cover Pictures!

This is a specialty for all you facebookers! Grab your free collection now!

Just click the button below & it'll redirect you to the facebook page ready for your download!

xoxo, Nash
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee (and a lil' crafting)- Free Summer Crush Collection!!


Well, introducing this cute, free (as usual) summery collection of free printable papers to you makes me THAT^ happy! It has lots of bright patterns of florals and pretty shapes! 
                                                  Bring on the sunshine!!

Do you think I have just 8 luscious papers? Heck no! I have one more totally pretty one hidden in  the download and 4 coordinating envelopes, great for party invitations and the likes!
You can use these in so many places, scrapbooking, giftwraps, even as strips to add a touch of color, as web-page backgrounds, favor boxes, pretty much on any project that looks like it needs a lil' bit of razzle dazzle!
Since I had fallen in love with the two-tone trend, I ended up using these for the while for making a two-toned cup for organizing moi hair clips/ bands and a few accessories (cuz' you can never have enough of glittery accessories!) *winks*
You can download the awesomeness right here,here n' here!(the files were too hi-res to be uploaded as a solo folder, sorry!)

Or just right click and sive the images below :) (if you're having trouble downloading anything.)

Which one of these digi papers is your fav?
How are you gonna use 'em??
Do let me know dahlins!

You see how I stuffed my headbands in, boy-oh-boy does it looks killer cute sitting with the rest of my decor!
 PS: Find these freebies yum? Wanna get your hands on my previous ones? Grab the irresistible bunch here!

Seen my latest freebie yet?
Click to head over there!^
Have a wonderfulicious summer guys!
(and don't forget to pin if you loved this!)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty Me Up//DIY Chunky Braided Bracelet!

I  know I told you guys in the last post I'll show you all the brilliant ways you can use your very own customized ribbons..right, about that, I have no idea how this DIY just creepily snaked it's way into my afternoon! Anyway, so for today's easy-to-do DIY , we have chunky braided bracelets, out of socks! *Hawwww, yeah, I know, check it out*

First things first, 
My recommendations:
-Choose a dark colored ol' sock you've never worn
-or a sock that had suchaaaa crazy pattern that you never wore it n' it somehow found it's way in your home (yeah, those funky patterned socks will do fine as bracelets!)
-or if has to be light colored make sure it's fresh
-Finally, don't use a fuzzy fabric kinda sock (I learnt my lesson)

Like I said, this somehow wormed it's way in this afternoon,so I don't have any pictures of the steps, but here's what you do in layman's terms:
(Oh please, please, pkease don't step away from making this cuz' I didn't take pictures, because I'm sure this project is so easy, you'll get it right from the steps!)

1.Place the sock on a planar surface, along the vertical end of the sock, section it into three parts diagonally,and then cut through, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, good.

2.The rim of the sock where it goes around the ankles, you wanna keep that portion safe n' sound (so from the top of the sock keep up about two cm uncut.)

3.Braid the three sections you cut.

4.After braiding all the way to the end, gather all the three strips and use scotch tape to cluster them together.

5.Take the start (uncut portion of the sock and loop it over the clustered (taped) end.Use scotch tape again to fix the start n' end together)

6.Use a ribbon, in a bright color (or actually one that co-ordinates with the sock's color) and wind it over the taped part.

7.Finish off by tying the end of the ribbon in a mini bow.

Becuz' you guys know I'm sorta bananas for florals, I used some sharpies again to deck up the plain white thing,the thinner the fabric of your sock and the brighter and cuter the color, the prettier the bracelet according to me :)

^the finished product :)
^The side :) :)
^the back :) :) :)

So there you have it cupcakes, upcycling socks, maybe not the most terrific thing to do, but crazy anyway ;)

Do you like making weird transformations like me?

 Loved these? Don't forget to pin, tweet and stumble! 

Million jabillion hugs,

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles- Hack your ribbons into gorgeousness!

So today class, we shall learn to create our own custom-designed ribbons!
Uh-oh, of course,Aloha!
Dudettes, I had a really hectic week this time, so that meant I couldn't do a post in all this while which by the way is basically why I have something very fun and simple for you today, but wait, wait, ask the end result!
Freakin' pretty! Take a look yourself!

And I tell you what, with this tutorial I give you a bonus freebie, but you have to wait for that till the end, buhahahaha!

Ahem, anyway,
as I was saying, on those days when old Mr. Washi Tape is finished, or maybe suddenly it's too expensive, apart from those cute designs which are hard to do on ribbons, you can actually create endless designs in practically minutes on ribbons that are already probably dangling somewhere in your pretty lil' nest or (congratulations!) if they are neatly arranged in your nook prolly' waiting to smothered in loveliness!

Ima show you crafters how to do a few designs right now, and gonna top on a few other designs you could try yourself, so here goes, we're doing polkas, dye-effect stripes, floral n' herringbone!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inspiration Nation // The 2013 Ultimate Spring DIY Guide!

 Springspiration anyone? 

Here's a generous lowdown of the best of Craft A Doodle Doo's Springworthy projects.

They're incredibly thrifty, surprisingly simple and pure chic, so take a sip of of some heavenly fruit punch, losen up your kicks and cuddle in your favorite spot to load up your week with some real fun DIY projects and tons of freebies.
And to dazzle this Spring, all the beauty potions and tricks you'll need are included!
Plus, tons of inspiration, ideas and creativity spills at the end of the post can't have enough ;)

The Freebie Jubilee // Incredibly Pretty Organizing Labels You'll Definitely Love!

 I'm here to make organizing fun, heck yeah!           

It's time to gather your stores and play dress-me-up, with them of course!
I've made eight super-cute labels for you ranging from makeup to snacks and a whole lot more to get you organized this spring!

You can download them below!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles // Super- Pretty Storage Solutions You Can't Miss Trying Out!


I get you, I get you, the clutter's piling up , no wait, overflowing you say? Don't worry your pretty little mind, I've got just the the thing for you!

There used to be a warzone underneath, above, to the left, to the right (you get the gist) my craft corner, well, it's not really a corner, otherwise it would've been worse.

Then I was rescued, by myself.

This post is really gonna speak out to you. Why? Because I'm not gonna show you the two solutions I did, I'm gonna give you alternatives.
I think you guys deserve alternatives, cuz' not everyone has the same stuff handy, some of you hoard (wink) on other things, so I'm gonna give you a bunch of other clutter busters that'll rock, bigtime.
Even if you don't hoard, if you buy this stuff, it's gonna come cheap, ready?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty in A Nutshell // The Beauty Face Pack You've all been waitin' for (without even knowing it)

Hey, pretty.
Check this out.

I don't know about you, but if any face pack meets these three requirements in my check-list...

...I NEVER hesitate to give it a try!

Good news! This classifies! And tell me who doesn't wish for a radiant gleam every now and then, or ahem, forever? ;)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Me Up // DIY Pastel Hoop Earrings For Dummies!

I've got a quick one for all of you today...
I've tried my hand first time at making jewelry and here's the result!

So you get what a less-than-amateur like me would start with, simple hoops and beads! Since I'm not a jewelry makin' maniac, I took the simplest route and if you have never tried makin' jewelry (like dumb ol' me), this may just get you started!



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