Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//Just about the Cutest Social Media Icon Set!

        Let's just say that when I don't find something I want on the web, I make it myself!                                   
         Hm,not too bad for a teenager I think, though maybe I'll make a cuter media set next     
         time,buuuuut, you guys will have to do this one for now!
        This is how I started designing all my freebies, one fine day I popped up Mr Google on my
        lappy to see if there were some cute, vintage floral patterns up for grabs and free which  
        didn't exist, at least none that I liked so much that I screamed (in my heart) with joy like an   
                                                          Yup, I'm fussy.
                                And probably a million other adjectives like that. (*wink) 
          Anyway, questions for you guys- Did you like this set, want me to make another one?
                                        Share your preferences, your wish is my command!*
                                                           (*conditions apply)
                         Ahem, anyway..
                                                                               Click to download!
           PS:If you're new to this social icon thingy, & wanna learn how to do it, here's an esp.
                                                           helpful tut for you!
          Annyyyyhooooowww, if you liked this freebie, and you're new here, I promise you're
                                               gonna be charmed by my other ones!
                                             which you can peacefully relish here :)
                  Don't forget to pin, share, tweet n' stumble if you happen to drool over it!
                                                   (oh, what am I saying, drool?) lol.
                                                        Till next time, take care,
                                                                   Nash :)


  1. so lovely ! thank you ! i share the link here :

  2. You're welcome and thankyou for sharing! :)

  3. I like this, but is there a button for google plus and instagram? :)

  4. Not yet, if you drop me an email, I'll add two custom ones (Insta and google plus) for you from this collection. :)

  5. Cute! I'm interested in the Instagram and Google Plus icons too. How do we email you?

  6. Tina, you can email me at miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com with any specifications you may have. :)

  7. Hi there. I love this social media icon set, but I can't seem to download it. Can you please help me. You're so inspirational! How do I email you? Thanks. Marg.

  8. Hi these icons are amazing,i also want instagram and google+ to complete my set.Can i also mail you ? Thanks :)

  9. Obrigada pela gentileza em compartilhar suas criaçoes. Lindas.

  10. Hello I LOVE this set! Any chance I could get the Instagram and Google plus too please? And maybe a Snapchat if i'm not being too cheeky! Thank you so much... You're amazing for making these for us!




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