Monday, May 20, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles- Hack your ribbons into gorgeousness!

So today class, we shall learn to create our own custom-designed ribbons!
Uh-oh, of course,Aloha!
Dudettes, I had a really hectic week this time, so that meant I couldn't do a post in all this while which by the way is basically why I have something very fun and simple for you today, but wait, wait, ask the end result!
Freakin' pretty! Take a look yourself!

And I tell you what, with this tutorial I give you a bonus freebie, but you have to wait for that till the end, buhahahaha!

Ahem, anyway,
as I was saying, on those days when old Mr. Washi Tape is finished, or maybe suddenly it's too expensive, apart from those cute designs which are hard to do on ribbons, you can actually create endless designs in practically minutes on ribbons that are already probably dangling somewhere in your pretty lil' nest or (congratulations!) if they are neatly arranged in your nook prolly' waiting to smothered in loveliness!

Ima show you crafters how to do a few designs right now, and gonna top on a few other designs you could try yourself, so here goes, we're doing polkas, dye-effect stripes, floral n' herringbone!

Markers, paints, correction pen, nail polish, different sized paintbrushes,scotch tape and scissors.

Ribbon Hack 1 : This is actually wayyy too simple. But it looks very pretty on parcels and when combined with other colors and media.

Polka dots!

Of course you get these at stores but if you want to make it in your own color or maybe for something as small as a gift tag it's actually a good idea to make it yourself :)

Hack 2: Dye-effect stripes!
You know the dye fad going on everywhere? This gives a similar look but with stripes, so grab a base color ribbon and a complimenting colored marker + scotch tape!

The reason this gives a dye effect is because of the ribbon weave, that speads the ink of the marker a tad when you color in giving the dye-look!

Hack 3: Floral!
OMG, this is my favorite one, I did this loadza times, ya' know I was so into doing this I didn't even feel like taking pictures in between! You need a correction pen again, nail polish in either the color of the flower petals and also green if that's available (I didn't have it), and some green paint, if you don't have nailpaints in the color.

There, looks pretty doesn't it? More on this in the end folks!

Hack 4: Herringbone!
Aaah, herringbone, that herringbone painting that went viral using scotch tape, you guys know that one? Anyway, this doesn't use scotch tape, hah! Just sharpies!

You can see the texture of my gold ribbon here is different from the other ribbons preventing the marker's ink from bleeding in chaotic directions.

Closer look up there^, btw, if the weird knot on the blue ribbon is bugging you like it did to my mom, I didn't snip off its end to actually tie it properly, why? Here's why..
What did I do? I used my customized ribbons to wrap around a shoe-box for some pretty storage! You know how some stuff comes better in pictures, this was the exact opposite, like landscape photography, it looked so much prettier in real life, soooooo, I couldn't stop clicking pictures like an insane girl (I think you get that point below.)

Yup, dahlin' I have OCD, I even named my ribbons! :D

And now, because you guys have adored my freebies so much in the past, I couldn't keep this to myself at all, so if you want the free wrapping paper that's on the lid of the box, drop your email in the comments below and it'll be waitin for ya in your inbox!

These ribbons can be hacked into a galore of designs, you can do the galaxy style with a sponge and some pastel paints, chevron and other abstract,doodley goodness, and make what out of them?
For a start, gift tags, wrapping gift-boxes, brooches, belt buckles, hair bows, embellishments, decor trims (for candle holders, pen cups, lamshades), shoe clips and so so much more, I'm gonna show you more of that in the coming post.

And for a sneak peak, here's your next freebie collection! Hang in there till then!

I've now left you with a legacy to.... pin, stumble, tweet and share (Lol, pressure's off people, I'm always glad to know that you enjoy what I share with you regardless of you returning the love cuz' I care about doin' my part right <3)

If you're new here, become a follower for regular freebie and DIY updates that wow, and you can start by checking out other incredible freebies here!

 xxStay joyful!xx 


  1. Seriously the way you write is so freaking funny and adorable that im definetely bookmarking yer page. I live in Brazil and here wahi tapes are expensive as hell (when you actually find them) and i shud say the same about ribbons so thank you!
    I was reading yer post in a cafe. People were prob thinking i was insane cuz i kept laughing and smiling for a couple of mins. You made my day ;)

  2. Aww, Evey, so glad to know, you made me smile too!
    You can check out other tutorials on how you can make washi tape here!
    Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Can I have it too? Thanks(:




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