Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty Me Up//DIY Chunky Braided Bracelet!

I  know I told you guys in the last post I'll show you all the brilliant ways you can use your very own customized ribbons..right, about that, I have no idea how this DIY just creepily snaked it's way into my afternoon! Anyway, so for today's easy-to-do DIY , we have chunky braided bracelets, out of socks! *Hawwww, yeah, I know, check it out*

First things first, 
My recommendations:
-Choose a dark colored ol' sock you've never worn
-or a sock that had suchaaaa crazy pattern that you never wore it n' it somehow found it's way in your home (yeah, those funky patterned socks will do fine as bracelets!)
-or if has to be light colored make sure it's fresh
-Finally, don't use a fuzzy fabric kinda sock (I learnt my lesson)

Like I said, this somehow wormed it's way in this afternoon,so I don't have any pictures of the steps, but here's what you do in layman's terms:
(Oh please, please, pkease don't step away from making this cuz' I didn't take pictures, because I'm sure this project is so easy, you'll get it right from the steps!)

1.Place the sock on a planar surface, along the vertical end of the sock, section it into three parts diagonally,and then cut through, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, good.

2.The rim of the sock where it goes around the ankles, you wanna keep that portion safe n' sound (so from the top of the sock keep up about two cm uncut.)

3.Braid the three sections you cut.

4.After braiding all the way to the end, gather all the three strips and use scotch tape to cluster them together.

5.Take the start (uncut portion of the sock and loop it over the clustered (taped) end.Use scotch tape again to fix the start n' end together)

6.Use a ribbon, in a bright color (or actually one that co-ordinates with the sock's color) and wind it over the taped part.

7.Finish off by tying the end of the ribbon in a mini bow.

Becuz' you guys know I'm sorta bananas for florals, I used some sharpies again to deck up the plain white thing,the thinner the fabric of your sock and the brighter and cuter the color, the prettier the bracelet according to me :)

^the finished product :)
^The side :) :)
^the back :) :) :)

So there you have it cupcakes, upcycling socks, maybe not the most terrific thing to do, but crazy anyway ;)

Do you like making weird transformations like me?

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Million jabillion hugs,


  1. Yes, I make such transformations too. My favorite is cutting up old t-shirts and crocheting them to make hot-mats, fridge handle covers, coasters and what-not!

  2. Old t-shirts rock! Have you tried making rugs outta them? You can find tuts on that if you google it ;)

  3. Yes, have made an attempt, but the satisfaction that small projects bring me, makes me run away from bigger projects!darn!

  4. Haha!I know, I usually shy away from time-consuming projects too unless they look like serious killer fun :)




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