Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty in A Nutshell // The Beauty Face Pack You've all been waitin' for (without even knowing it)

Hey, pretty.
Check this out.

I don't know about you, but if any face pack meets these three requirements in my check-list...

...I NEVER hesitate to give it a try!

Good news! This classifies! And tell me who doesn't wish for a radiant gleam every now and then, or ahem, forever? ;)

What are the ingredients you ask? Why is it so special? It has just three, simple, humble power ingredients.

Let me have you in on a secret...saffron, as you know is quite expensive compared to other spices, but this pack is nevertheless cheap because its a DIY, because when you compare it to the bucks you spend at the store with tall claims which are mostly false, this is such a great deal!
In India, it is more of a royal herb, so, now you have every right to call yourself a princess! (Woo-hoo!)

Tip: Don't have either saffron or turmeric? Use either one with plain yogurt and it works amazing too!

1.Soak about ten-fifteen strands of saffron overnight in two tbsps of yogurt; more if you are applying it over the body too.
2.The next morning, you'll notice the color of the saffron has stained the yogurt a pale orange/red.

Is it that color? Great! Now swirl in together with a spoon to make the color even throughout the yogurt.

Now, you can just stop here and smooth it onto your face enjoying the luxurious cooling sensation or you can continue to the next step if you have more time before that party!
If you stop here, you'd want to keep it on for about twenty minutes, it would be semi-solid by then. the longer you keep the better the results.

3.Take a pinch of turmeric, a slight dash, no really, take even a lesser amount than the one in the picture.

....because..because turmeric can dye your skin yellow and if you are super-duper pale, even more so, so be obedient and listen to me when I say a tiny amount cuz' when taken right, this is skin magic, you hear that? Skin magic, ah, yes.

4.Now blend 'em all in. Your pack will have a mango tinge to it, like mango milkshake hue.

5.Your pack is ready. Layer it on your skin, see the results:

Immediate results:
-A soft luminescent glow
-Visibly even-toned skin
-Smaller pores
-Soft and supple skin
-Refreshed sensation

Now have a long good-night sleep
The next day, what I noticed:
-A Radiant and rosy complexion
-Pore size still reduced
-Dark circles's diminished in appearance (not by a lot, but definitely lesser)

Long-term results:
-Evens out discoloration
-Cancels out blemishes
-Heals scars and rashes
-Perfectly moisturized skin!

Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, because when you add turmeric, the mask does dry off solid. And while you're at it, bake an amazing chocolate cake!

And since I mentioned the cake, might as well add it turned out decadent. :p

PS: Saffron is an ancient beauty spice in India that is raved about like a celebrity. After researching on it (that was after some one posted on introducing it in their skincare and finding it fabulous), I read that saffron's superpowers are actually a myth (when it comes to lightening discoloration).
However, after investing time and energy into warring between whether I should give it a go or not, here's the catch.
Ironically it works, I don't know how. I read it has a galore of anti-oxidants, maybe that's why or maybe some other secret ingredient it has, but it made me my complexion significantly better without even a CTM routine. (I'm  lazy when it comes to that.). Great stuff, huh?

 Oh yeah, my babble is done, you can go ahead and pin this lady! 
Catch ya' next time.
Stay skintacular!
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  1. saffron is an ancient ingredient as well medicine, which is effective today also.Miracle Saffron
    It is used as anti-oxidants and gives freshness.

  2. True Patricia, we've always used it in many remedies. :)

  3. As both Turmeric and Saffron can stain, I would imagine that it would depend up the person's actual skin color as to whether it would diminish dark circles and add a "glow" to one's skin. I'm really, really, really white except for my frecles and the reddishness that comes with my ancestral chemistry. So I wonder if I would end up orange-y or yellowish from it. If you have a darker skin tone (aka, NOT Lithuanian + German + Irish like me!) I would imagine that it would help "brighten" one's skin and give it a lovely "glow", in addition to lessening dark circles simply because it would add that lovely hue to the overall skin, which would basically lessen the circles simply by virtue of coloring the ALL of the skin. But I haven't tried this... yet.

    But you bet your booty I will...just, on a weekend when I can be sure of staying in, just in case it turns my pasty white skin yellowish-orangeish!
    I realize that this is an older post of yours, but I am hoping that you still might read my comment and help me with this particular question! I saw that you live in India and from your comments, it would be easy to assume that you are originally from there. (Also, your English is absolutely incredible, if so!!!!) But I am curious about the yogurt! What kind should I use? I mean, you DID say plain yogurt, but is it plain yogurt from the store? Is it Greek yogurt? Should I make it myself/attempt to do so? I am from the United States of America, and the yogurt selections are so vast, I honestly don't know which to try...and I didn't know that yogurt could actually dry...but they put so many preservatives in it here that it probably won't dry unless you were to leave a very tiny amount spread as thin as possible in the Sahara for fifty years!

    Now, I am going to try this, but as I AM budget conscious, as well as not well off, it may not happen for a while. But I will let you know how it works out!
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank your dropping by! Though you are correct to an extent that deeper skin tones would get that glow from skin getting tinted, turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties great for fighting against free radicals thus revitalizing the skin and giving a glow even to lighter complexions. I'm light-medium complexioned and turmeric stains me as well. i use somewhere between 1/8th to 1/4tsp for two tsp of yogurt. So paler complexions would have to use it more sparingly. Greek yogurt is completely fine and it is okay if it doesn't dry. You can leave it on till it settles as a film on your face and wash it-off when it is semi-dry.

      I've used this mask again last night and it made me radiant as usual so I really hope it works just as well for you. I can vouch though that using it for a week everyday aids in a lot more of evening out/brightening of your skin. :)

  4. Hi Nash. I would like to apply it before bed time. Can I do so ? If yes, how often do I need to apply this pack?




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