Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles // Super- Pretty Storage Solutions You Can't Miss Trying Out!


I get you, I get you, the clutter's piling up , no wait, overflowing you say? Don't worry your pretty little mind, I've got just the the thing for you!

There used to be a warzone underneath, above, to the left, to the right (you get the gist) my craft corner, well, it's not really a corner, otherwise it would've been worse.

Then I was rescued, by myself.

This post is really gonna speak out to you. Why? Because I'm not gonna show you the two solutions I did, I'm gonna give you alternatives.
I think you guys deserve alternatives, cuz' not everyone has the same stuff handy, some of you hoard (wink) on other things, so I'm gonna give you a bunch of other clutter busters that'll rock, bigtime.
Even if you don't hoard, if you buy this stuff, it's gonna come cheap, ready?

Here's what you need:

 Solution 1: 

The price of one Ikea Pappis Box box with the lid is about 2$ or maybe even lesser. I say Ikea cuz' its in most countries. That's no the point though, the point is this,

1. Get one of those plain blabla boxes

2.Choose a design to go on the front of the box. The design my box has, is not fabric, it's paper. An A3 size sheet will do. So choose a bright, happy design to cheer up those dull guys.

4.Next, do a spray paint coat in a color co-ordinating with the base color of the design. Mine for example, is red.So on all sides, I do a glossy Krylon red paint finish.

5.While it's drying choose which ribbon/washi tape/fabric or ribbon trims you want to go to give this baby a complete look.
Btw, do you have tons of fabric scraps from your projects or maybe even three-four. This is THE time to use them up. Tie a bow, brighten up your storage, it'll be forever grateful to you.

6. Spray paint dries up and you are ready, size your A3 sheet according to the box's front area. Glue it on, nicely.

7.Line your ribbon onto the box. Sure, if you want labels, you can use them too. Btw, since this chalkboard trend has been going on now, I think they'll be a splendid combo with you new pretty storage.

Wham, rad storage dished out THAT SIMPLE!

Make two, three, four, infinite of these, till you get everything organized, Then sit back and gawk at your cute creations apart from actually using them, teehee.


The next Drona storage box from Ikea costs a bit more, but is made of fabric, not cardboard, and has more storage, plus, it already comes in su-weet colors.
So add a lil' bit more fun in!

This is actually so much more simpler, you can do it in like five minutes, but the downside is , you can't decide the color choices cuz' these come only in green, black n' pink.

So here's what you do, You get these, if you already have these, perfect.

I got these from Ikea too but you can really get napkins in cute prints from anywhere, just make sure they match your box's color otherwise there will be a color clash!

Now just use some double-sided tape, measure and cut the napkin to size and tape it on to the front of your box.

Instant update!

Do you wanna peek at what else is underneath my table?

For the smaller boxes, I just use ribbons fashioned into roses and glue them on, because I'm a girl and can't stop going nuts for roses. :p
Btw, the box you see above was a total blue color one that a fancy designer dress came in (usually those boxes are sturdy), and then I painted it just like my Ikea curtains, so it looks all matchy matchy. (You're wondering what more I have from Ikea)

There, another thing from Ikea, you know the dishrack stand the guys have, I usually use it to *dish* my diaries, journals and pretty paper pads in.

And sometimes when I'm feelin' really fancy, I make pillowboxes outta the paper designs I make for all ya' guys. You can download them at the end of this post.

Remember those cute trinket jars I made here, those guys come in handy a lot, apart from just stittin' there and lookin' cute.

Tons of other freakin' gorgeous storage dilemmas solved here guys!
and as promised you can check out my snazzy freebies here! (I make them high-res so they don't go pix elated when you resize them for projects like these!)

 I hope you enjoyed this post, now you're free to pin, pin, pin!      

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