Friday, December 19, 2014


Craft A Doodle Doo has its first guest post today!

This one is from Daniela who blogs at Curly Made! I first got to know her when she dropped me an email appreciating my work at Craft A Doodle Doo. She does incredibly easy-to-follow DIYsgorgeously cute nail art and even freebies you should be definitely checking out!
So without further ado, here's how she updated a Plain Jane sweater to a sparkly glitzed statement !

 Hi everyone, recently I've bought these really cool star studs and decided to give an update to my wardrobe, so today I want to share with you this simple idea to make your sweaters extra festive this season.

You will need: studs in whatever color  you want and a comfy sweater.
I've choosen a mix of some smaller silver round and square studs, golden and the copper stars.

Attaching all the studs does take some time, but a trick to make it easier is to use a spoon to close the pins.


Ta-da!! Super easy, to make and a great personalized alternative to those ugly commonplace sweaters.

I hope you liked this, if you want to see more of my diy's check out the blog and follow on blogloving.

Talk to you soon,

Thanks Daniela! It was certainly a pleasure to have you pen down something on Craft A Doodle Doo and I look forward to more collaborations in the future! :)

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Friday, December 5, 2014


Okay, I've been spiraling back and forth between college and while I decided to take a break from my weekly blogging routine I still know it's that beautiful frosty time of the year in most places and soft, cool winds in areas round the globe situated more near the equator like mine.
         So here's to celebrating a decidedly awesome winter with another freebie collection. Perfect for wrapping up presents or making your scrapbook wonderful these prints can update anything in a pinch!

Go ahead and download them all for free! And don't forget to let other friends know about them too!

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New free digital and printable papers by Craft A Doodle Doo; The Better Winter Blues Collection #free #printables #winter #digital #scrapbooking #giftwrap #prints

Friday, October 31, 2014


Let me just begin with what my heart hoots everytime I rest my eyes on one of those Katespade cuties - OHMYGOSH. I always needed one, but making one myself was far more easier. I'm not one for planners but I do like to have myself a couple lots of notebooks to do doodling and jot down creative ideas.

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

So onto the making:


You'll need for this DIY:

1.Black cardstock. You can also use black acrylic /spray paint buuut I found cardstock less messy

2.Gold paper. You know, just be creative with this one. I used some from a Godiva Chocolate gift box.

3.A Hole punch, Scissors, pencils, super glue, matte/glossy finish modpodge and a ruler

4.White paper (optional)

5.Binders/Notebooks/Notepads/Agendas that need glitzing up


1.For the striped notebook: Stripes are my next favorites to florals, and Kate's black and white stripes top the list. I cut the cardstock into 3 cm. wide strips to fit the length of my notebook. I first had to cover my book with some white paper and you'd have to too if you are not beginning with a white one already. ;)
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

Line them up parallel marking with a ruler and pencil the white space's width equal to 3 cm too between the black stripes/stripes.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

Give the whole cover a glossy finish of modpodge to give it that whole "Kate-Spade-y" luxe look. ;)
This acts as a sealant too and protects the whites of your cover.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

2.For the gold polka dot: Punch circles through the gold paper and eyeballing equal spacing between them on the notebook, glue them down. Place the dots for the next line in between dots of the first line. Keep alternating them and seal in everything with a layer of modpodge again.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

There we go!
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

You could probably pretty up the insides but for now but I'm leaving them blank for my vivid imagination to occupy later ;) Wanna learn how to make notepads from scratch? Check out this popular post of mine!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen (if any),I've been asked around a lot in real life and on the cyberspace how I create my prints in photoshop. A lot of my prints are mixed media, 1)something I've painted or 2)maybe something I've photographed orrr 3)Done straight in Photoshop drawing with the basic round brush and then manipulated in PS to create a pretty, pretty print that I occasionally give ya guys to download.

So here's the behind-the-scenes of how I made one the prints from my last free prints collection. ;)

How to make Beautiful Prints for Photoshop Beginners! You don't wanna miss this one! #easy #Photoshop #beginners #tutorial

Here's what you'll need:

1.Your PC
2.Adobe Photoshop (I recommend CS3 and above. I use CS6)
3.Your favorite pictures that we will be morphing into prints

Note: I'm showing how to do this by the route of absolute newbies, so if you know more or less of PS already, you'll find me a little slow. ;)

Let's start!

Monday, September 29, 2014


And here it is- a collection drenched in dreamy watercolor pastels! I'd wrapped up this one two weeks earlier but it's been waiting patiently in my drafts for the right box office opening.I'm currently in Dubai so while I go 'bout my way sightseeing this beautiful city, I'll leave you to ogle over this collection!

Free printable Papers and Prints by Craft A Doodle Doo #free #printables
Yep.Digi prints right from a romantic, peppy French getaway.
You can use these to scrapbook, hang these as prints part of your wall gallery to keep things a tad more interesting, print them out as giftwrap, make invites and loads more!

Meanwhile, since I haven't released my September Subscriber Specials gift, I'll be doing so tomorrow (because any other day post that would make it an October's exclusive for my Subscribers. Oops.)

So go ahead and download them!

(Unlike all my previous posts, I'm giving out these both in .jpgs as well as pdfs for those people having trouble extracting zipped files.)

And just to leave you guys with a hint on what I've been designing for my subscribers, it's free prints and clipart from my very own artwork. Here's a few shots for you to see!
Besides everything's better with some scrumptious chocolate cake, yeah? :)

And some French Toast. Don't be surprised, #desiversion of course. ;)

Each food session punctuated with healthy dozes of painting!
Would you guys like free stock photos for freebies next? Let me know!

And the next post would be about how I actually made one of the prints from this collection, in case you'd like to be a designer yourself. Easy enough for beginners and lots of fun!

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Saturday, September 20, 2014


I won't account for my reader's choices but I think this is probably the most adorable craft I've ever done in my creating den here! Sure, macarons are one thing. They're gorgeous. They're the symbol of charm+cute everywhere on instagram and they look just about everything look prettier.

But when macarons go sneaky and house a lip balm on a keychain dangling on your favorite tote?

Adorable. That's the only word which comes to mind. 
These DIY macarons? They'll be your girliest DIYest keychain yet. With function added, see? Go swoon!
(Not someone girly? :okay: *looks down heartbroken*)
DIY MACARON KEYCHAINS! With lipbalm compartments! #diy #macaron #crafts #beauty

DIY Macron Keychains

You'll need:

-Lipbalm pot(s)
-Air dry clay. I recommend white
-Acrylic paints and paintbrushes to go along, preferably in Pastel shades
-Glossy/Matte finish modpodge
-E6000 or any other heavy duty adhesive
-A keychain attachment
DIY MACARON KEYCHAINS! With lipbalm compartments! #diy #macaron #crafts #beauty

Friday, September 12, 2014


Break has finally ended and I'm back to college again! Add to that nil wi-fi in India plus a few chronic cold + fever days, meaning no new post here for a month. So my apologies to all you loves. :*
Meanwhile,if you've ever been to India's wedding season you're bound to face the terrible humidity that comes along with it. June- August are India's unofficial wedding marathons. Makeup meltdowns become mandatory, buuuuuut that doesn't have to be the case anymore.
Craft A Doodle Doo DIY 3 Ingredient Makeup Setting Spray! Dewy skin and no-smear makeup! #diy #beauty #makeup

Friday, July 25, 2014


Eid, Eid Eid is round the corner and guests are gathering at my place! I love anything festive and anything festive calls for lots of decadent food and presents of course.

My aunt makes the most downright amazing dishes so let's leave her piece of cake to her. Coming to my piece of cake and passion. Graphic design!

So here's lots of cute coordinating giftwrap, bows and Eid gift tags to give to your loved ones on this special occasion. Have a blessed one. I've made the download a pdf this time instead of the ususal zip files to make downloading easy peasy.

Don't forget to drop me a comment to tell me how you like them. I personally like mine just like the festival, fun lively colors, a healthy doze of sparkle and lots of hot pink accents!

Love you all loads and enjoy!

First up is a chic polka dot candidate. I totally crush on black and white combos accented with pink, Plus, who doesn't love the vintage goodness of polka dots?

I coordinated this with a sunny pop of yellow to up the fun quotient!

Here's one of my usual favorites. Hand designed vintage florals on a delicate blue damask backdrop. Coupled with a pale mint green!

And then a bit of rustic love: Some brown paper overlayed with lots of hearts and paired with a black and white stripey bow. Just can't get enough of this combination!

And because I've hardly contributed to the ombre trend, here's a coral pink giftwrap for a start with a nice colorful floral paper bow!

Last but not the least is a fancier take on the classic zebra pattern. Black and gold glitter with a matchy glittery bow!

Which one are you coveting? Or are you fickle minded like I am and just can't decide? ;)

Have a superlatively fun week and don't forget to check out tons of other freebies in my Freebie Gallery!

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Hugs+ Smooches



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Facials creams pass on a riot of claims, yeah?

So let's begin with a little story of how this happened. I have combination skin, meaning a super oily nose and a moderately oily T-Zone. And the rest of my face? Well, barren like a dessert. I typically use de-pigmentation face creams and the ones that claim to add a glow and hydration because dry skin does tend to flake plus lose luster quickly and the sunny weather here makes you get tanned crazy fast. A very horrible sorta tan. 

So right now, my whole jaw's perimeter is a lot darker than my face and so is most of my forehead. And now onto slathering my night cream which returned back to my skin much needed hydration but that's where it stopped. Ta-dum. No glow per se. No real brightening or dark patch reduction happening here. So one fine night I stumbled upon the secret that worked for me.

CRAFT A DOODLE DOO: The trick I use to apply face creams! Make them work for you! #diy #beauty #tips
I'd just put on a thin layer of cream and smoothed it on to absorb in a hurry to wrap up some urgent work.

I came back about five minutes later remembering how scarce the amount I'd put on and just added another thin layer to massaged it in to absorb.

The next morning I woke up with an absolutely flawless face compared to how it was earlier.

And it got me wondering, what on earth is wrong with my face (of course everything in the world was right with it, a leeeetle bit too right which made it look wrong, haha, that make sense?)

And then I recollected how I'd applied the cream in two thin even layers waiting for each to dry in between.

I wanted to see if this was some whimsical coincidental mumbo-jumbo, so I skipped this magic technique that night.

The next morning, the glow had definitely subsided. Something was off. So I repeated the thin layering method again and voila, fresh-faced next morning.
CRAFT A DOODLE DOO: The trick I use to apply face creams! Make them work for you! #diy #beauty #tips



So here's the theory:

-Slathering on one, albeit moderate layer may still be clogging up your pores; you never know which is why half the product may not be even sinking in and must settle on the topmost layer on your face degrading the cream's benefits..

-Applying two pea-sized thin layers (that's cool for the consistency of my cream, you may have to vary the amount according the the consistency of yours) with gaps (around a couple of minutes or more, again this time may vary depending on how heavy your creams is) in between to thoroughly let it absorb seems to give the skin more room to breathe and just plain soak in much better and easily.

I've been doing this for two weeks straight now and it's worked so well for me, I've been getting complements on how much brighter and glowy-ier I look! ^_^

PS: I can't say it will work for your skin. I'm just sharing what worked really, really well for me. I do wash my face with lukewarm water beforehand with a gentle face wash to open my pores up and receive any topical products better. Again the product I'd been using was from a reputed drugstore brand and had good reviews but I got rave results. This is the only routine that I ever use. Face wash. Skip toner. Cleanse with milk (and trust me, it's fab esp. for removing makeup residues) and then moisturizing. I exfoliate around three times in a week. Sometimes everyday with a very mild creamy/gel scrub.

Try and see if it works for you, with such a tiny change in routine, it's worth a try!

PS #2: I've been using this trick since a lot earlier and it has to do with clay based face masks. Whenever you put one on, they tend to dry quite quickly, so just wet them up again by gently patting on some water/milk to "reactivate" them and wash off when dry again. You'll see much better results.

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Hope you shine bright like a diamond too!
Love, Nash

Friday, July 18, 2014


It's one of those happiest moments of my week when I finish a DIY and think,

Whoa this turned out better than I imagined!

So without further ado chicas, let me introduce you to feature 3 of the Vanity Rehab series which is this right here. Sorts out your everyday hair accessories in a jiffy, looks tremendously attractive and costs nada on your wallet. *Insert dreamy eyes*.

Hullo DIY Hairband Storage!

 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration


This is so simple, it's one of those out-of-nowhere-this-is-so-obvious plus self explanatory DIYS:


1.A smaller jar or bottle, that acts as the vertical part of the "T" (I used a Caesar juice jar, which is pretty similar to a Starbucks frappe bottle I think) WITH the cap on.

2. A larger bottle with a long slender neck to act as the horizontal part of the "T"

3.A heavy plate or tray as the base (optional)

4.Supplies to decorate, (my choice, glitter cuz duh, and some pink acrylic paint just to add a pop of color.)

5.Modpodge (or white Elmer's school glue) ,Hot glue gun, scissors, stick-on gems etc.



1.I started by coating the plate and long, slender bottle in modpodge and sprinkling on loads of glitter (with newspapers underneath). As soon as I was done with the first coat, I took all the glitter fall out on the newspaper with which I refilled my sprinkling container and waited until my dish and bottle dried to sprinkle glitter with another glue coat again. Finish off with a last sealing coat of glue so that the glitter doesn't come off. Ever. ^_^

2.Meanwhile, alternatively while the glitter dried, I did two-three coats of the pink acrylic on the smaller bottle and doodled on top of it since it added a pretty handmade touch.
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration

3.Hot glue the smaller bottle bang in the center of the heavy dish and on the rim of this bottle's cap-generously use hot glue and press on the tall bottle horizontally for a few minutes making sure it's set. Forever. ^_^
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration

4.Give finishing touches. I glued on gold ribbon to the ends of the horizontal part and used a trail of stick-on gold gems as "stoppers" at the ends (of the horizontal part again) so that the hairbands don't slip and fall off the edge.

ALTERNATIVELY: You can also use a dowel and a candlestick, orrrr, again maybe an empty aluminum tube. I just improvised with what I had at hand. ;)

And voila, what did I say. Sheer fabulous-ness.
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration

 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration
 PRETTY DIY HAIRBAND STORAGE Gorgeous, easy and inexpensive! #diy #organization #hairbands #headbands #inspiration

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Lots of love and smooches,
Nash, xoxo

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Following feature prima of my Vanity Rehab series, here's one which may remind you of one of my other quite popular DIYs. Remember this DIY Ring Box I made over here using hair curlers? The idea is the same, but this one's for all your arm candy. Yup all that stash of bracelets, cuffs, bangles and watches.
I think by far, given by supernatural prowess to hoard bangles and bracelets, I've developed quite a collection of bangles. Is that just me? Or do other people too have one specific jewelry item they buy monumnetously more compared to other jewelry? Annnyyyhowwww....
Craft A Doodle Doo: Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Getting ready is now more of a breeze. Just introduce that^ babe in your routine. :)

Craft A Doodle Doo-Super Pretty Bracelet & Watch Storage! #organization #inspiration #bracelet

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ever wondered how you could bring creativity back to the plate after a burnout? I know for sure that fishing out one fabulous idea after another may be a treat to readers but behind-the-scenes? It's no joke. You can practically feel your brain getting drained.
So how do you get back on track after what seems like you've just exhausted all your creative resources?
Let me help!
PS: This is a slightly long article than my regular write-ups but I really wanted you all to connect with what I'm saying. :*
5 Amazing Secret Tips To Stay Creative #blog #tips #tricks

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This post is a special dedication to all the bloggers and designers out there who need quick-fixes to give their photographs or projects a makeover. I've made a set of the cutest floral png files (for a layman, you can put these anywhere since a png image file type allows transparent backgrounds). These overlays can be used atop your regular backgrounds or pictures to get a speedy, catchy result!
So think loadza pretty images, greeting cards or personalized gift tags and oh-so-glorious scrapbooking! Time to spice up some snapshots!

I'll add in a few steps at the bottom of this post for my regular blog readers to use it too!

Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

If you're using these anywhere for online design or in any pictures in your post on the web, pleaseeee be a darling and give a tiny link crediting back to Craft A Doodle Doo.

If you're printing them out, you don't need to do anything as such. ;)


Elated? Share the love and let other artists in your life know about these goodies!
Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

For non-bloggers/designers:

1. Open up any editing software (MS Word for example.)
(Steps for Ms Word:
On the blank page, simply go to Page Layout options, and choose page colors. The drop down list also shows other options like Fill Effects. Browse for any pattern, gradient or background you wish and apply it on the document. Go to 'insert image' and browse for the overlay element you want and it will appear on your background.)

2.Browse the image overlay from the above that you'd like to use and apply it on the document. (Or just copy-paste)

3.Use the text option in your software to customize the plain design as per need.

*I'm sorry but I have no idea why this doesn't work on Paint. I've tried other softwares and it works fine. :D

Alternatively, print them straight away to minus the hassle and use some gorgeous calligraphy or brilliant handwriting if you have the skills and I'm promise  it'll look stellar!

You can also stroll through the rest of my freebies here

Free Gift! - If you happen to be one of those VIP individuals in my subscription list, I'll have a related printable gift waiting for you in your inbox by the end of this week. If you haven't yet subscribed, don't miss out!

Lots of hugs,


Q. I've downloaded the files but can't seem to find the software to open them.
A. I've used WinRar which is a compressing software to reduce the file size for quick upload and download. WinRar/Winzip is normally installed in most computers, you just need to right click the downloaded file and extract the overlays.
If you don't have the software already installed, just download Winzip or Peazip & install.

If you're still having problems, just email me at miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com and Ill send over the files to you! :)



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Monday, June 16, 2014


So this quick beauty was so easy to dish out and the outcome was so fabulous that I simply couldn't resist snapping away pictures! And you probably do have an Eiffel Tower souvenir or something right, right? No? Okay, well you can use a miniature souvenir from some random famous tower of your own country or tiny lil toys stolen from your kid/sibling/unknown child across the street. I was about to use stray chess pieces spray painted gold on a faux lil chessboard first, but that idea went whoosh when I remembered this darling key chain, just hibernating in one of my drawers.

Who can resist an Eiffel Tower ring dish? Plus, it's such a good daily catch-all if you're a ring, or even an ear-rings-ish kinda person. And of course, the dish has to be overdressed, because nothing can ever be over-dressed for me when done right. In short, here's a nice way to organize your rings!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea
It's also literally the simplest, glamorous way to make a squeal-worthy gift for you mum/sister/daughter/friend/lalala.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Did I mention this is Part 1 of my new series called : Vanity Rehab?

Just sayin' but in case your vanity needs an update, love, you can keep coming back for some more ideas. I've done so much more jewelry organizing posts here and realized I'm good at that sort of thing + I hoard a tiny bit more every few months so I'll be posting on more ideas especially dedicated to that.

Onto the diy,

You'll need:

-Decorative beads. gems etc. Even ones from a broken bracelet.
-A tall-ish small souvenir/miniature keepsake etc. (read above if you were lazy and skipped everythin')
-A lid, circular cardboard/glass/plastic base(or maybe even a coaster. And no, it doesn't HAVE to be circular. It can be octagonal, your choice.)

Just for trivia, I used one of those small golden cardboard *things* that come underneath store-bought pastries here. Don't ask me why I kept that. (I'm a diy blogger.)
-Glue gun/super-glue
-A small mirror (smaller than than the base). Just for some added glam-factor.


Even tho' this is pretty self explanatory, here we go.

1. I started by using a gold marker to paint around the black rim of my round mirror (which I prized out from my used compact case.)

2. Eyeball the center of the cardboard base and hot glue the mirror over.

3. Start from the diametric middle of the mirror and hot-glue your gems around going alternatively.
Meaning you stick one gem to the right of the first one.

And one gem to the left of the first one.

Just so that it gives each one good enough time to dry and they don't budge later.
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

4 Clean the mirror.I removed the tower from the key chain and hot-glued its legs in the center of the mirror.
If your keepsake comes in atrocious colors, just paint/spray paint it gold, silver, neon, pastel because all those things are in. Or just do whatever you like.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Ta-done. Done. Stack up the rings and stare at it everyday while you dress up!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Have fun!
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

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Hugs and smiles,




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