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Ever wondered how you could bring creativity back to the plate after a burnout? I know for sure that fishing out one fabulous idea after another may be a treat to readers but behind-the-scenes? It's no joke. You can practically feel your brain getting drained.
So how do you get back on track after what seems like you've just exhausted all your creative resources?
Let me help!
PS: This is a slightly long article than my regular write-ups but I really wanted you all to connect with what I'm saying. :*
5 Amazing Secret Tips To Stay Creative #blog #tips #tricks


"Don't just surround yourself with creativity, swim in it!"

What on earth is that supposed to mean? At a time I have around two-three different diys or freebies to hand out to you guys up my sleeves. Even before I'm through the last DIY on my list, I'm stuck with an odd fear of what I can whip up next that will sound truly irresistible and yet approachable enough to my audience. It never comes in a flash. Never ever. 

So what do I do?  Let me merge in point #2 here with #1.


There's always one kind of style you're attracted to the most no matter how many you adore, there's one that downright steals your heart in whatsoever form you spy it.
I've found mine. It's florals + gold accents+ black and white geometry. Every time I see something which has all of those, bang! I'm gawking at that. Even if something I see has this style mildly, it still holds allure for me.
Find your style and then pursue it. It will be easier to gain more perspective and filter out the unnecessary then. For example, if a dozen of donuts stare at your drooling mouth, don't you pick your favorite one? That's the one you savor till the end. And you always, always savor something you love. If you find a style you love, it'll be easier to stick to it and come up with newer ideas since you're so obsessed with it. From point 1, you can swim in everything, absolutely drench yourself in that which cultivates that personal style AND never get bored AND easily foster ideas to sum up..creating something unique every time.

Takeaway from #1 and #2 : Find enriching people and environment to constantly delve in. Find what you keep gravitating to. Stick to it to excel in it.

When you're in YOUR game, you KNOW how to play it the best. ;)

5 Amazing Secret Tips To Stay Creative #blog #tips #tricks


So you've found what magnetizes you, and you know exactly what kind of inspiration you're looking for but not in what form.
What do you do?

Sure inspiration is everywhere but you don't need every kind. You need the one tailored for you and social media often allows us to do just that.

Here's a few things that have kicked off things brilliantly for me,
1. Pinterest's customized explore feature: Pinterest has done a world of good by introducing the Explore your interests feature. This basically helps you to find out what kind of things you've been zoning in on lately. Look through all that and let it sift through your head for a couple of days to let the smarty pants in you concoct something spectacular.

2. Instagram's explore feature: Ever wandered through the maze of exploring pictures on Instagram? They've started this new thing called based on pictures you've liked which is pretty much awesome.
I'm currently bursting with tons of ideas because of this handy update. When you're fishing through these seemingly random images, in a collage format, your mind is dispersing ideas in the background and rearranging them to form something crazy and vivacious.

Browse through them, or go through the feed of some really creative people on Instagram, I'll guarantee you that you'll find at least one or a dozen of images that may instantly spark your fused out creativity.

I was browsing the same way earlier and found this image of macarons and jewelry knick-knacks. I've been seeing macarons everywhere lately and decided to make me some tiny pastel macaron knick-knack storage containers from scratch. Non-edible of course and perfect for gifting a cute ring or to store your teensy eartops and chains.

3. StumbleUpon: If you haven't heard about StumbleUpin yet, it's about time. It's basically a site/app that let's you select your interests and generates pages from around the web based on your interests.
Could it get more tailored? Try it and see for yourself!

Takeaway from #3: Develop a method to your madness.

All these medias spark back lots of creativity shots, sure. But what next? They are just ideas floating in your mind right?


To actually convert all those roaring flights of fancy to something realistic and tangible, you'll need to start noting down the kind of problems people are looking solutions for or that nourish their minds in any way.
You may have figured out a stellar idea, but if you can't find out how good it ranks in usability as well, people just aren't going to see the big deal with it. Why do you think tutorials/how-tos and lists are always so popular? Because they are basically scrolls of ingenious answers to the everyday questions people need shortcuts for.

Takeaway from #4 : Start by solving smaller tasks. With experience of picking up pebbles, you'll be soon capable of handling boulders.


Because if you remember everything in the most minute detail, you'll end up being an echo of somebody's else's voice. And this day, the last thing you want to be is blend in what everyone else is doing.
Grasp the innate concept behind other's creations, what made them unique and try to replicate them in your own field with your style (which we talked about in #2). Not every. single. thing they did.
And to really (almost) forget, you'll need a change of scenery, so leave your gadget for a bit and take a stroll, or have a warm cup of coffee with a loved one. Something completely unrelated just to give your mind a break.

Takeaway from #5: Offer others what they can't find in themselves. Be irreplaceable.(Unless you're getting some sort of promotion in your job ;) )


DON'T BE UNDERDRESSED: And there you have it, a superb practical idea to unleash to the world with a touch of whimsical to it that everybody will just fall head over heels in love with.

Sure? Maybe not. I know tons of people out there whose ideas are right next to the artistic celebs but a lot of times they can't just make the cut because they lack in presentation.

If you can't present your idea to people in such a way that just makes them yearn for it and sells like hot cakes, try looking from the angle of how you may be presenting it. Is it eye-catching? Quirky? Have you added your personal touch to it? I know that if the design is good, it will speak for itself. BUT make sure your photographs, videos and write-ups that tag along equal the value of the idea!

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These are the top five Fs I have to keep burning my mind's wick!
To get more wonderful insight, check out this post on further secrets on staying creative, by the big shot creatives in their fields.

Do you have your own secret to spill on how you strive to do better at your game?
Share it with me!

Lots of love,



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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips 💕❤ surely gonna use these for cooking LoL :D :P

  2. When it comes to cooking and you, there's hardly a finish line, haha! ;)

  3. You have a really incredible style and so much energy in your postings! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  4. Thank you, that's so dear of you and I'm just in AWE of your blog design Jo!

  5. Made it for my hubby as he has great collection of watches..thankyou from the bottom of my heart :)




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