Friday, July 25, 2014


Facials creams pass on a riot of claims, yeah?

So let's begin with a little story of how this happened. I have combination skin, meaning a super oily nose and a moderately oily T-Zone. And the rest of my face? Well, barren like a dessert. I typically use de-pigmentation face creams and the ones that claim to add a glow and hydration because dry skin does tend to flake plus lose luster quickly and the sunny weather here makes you get tanned crazy fast. A very horrible sorta tan. 

So right now, my whole jaw's perimeter is a lot darker than my face and so is most of my forehead. And now onto slathering my night cream which returned back to my skin much needed hydration but that's where it stopped. Ta-dum. No glow per se. No real brightening or dark patch reduction happening here. So one fine night I stumbled upon the secret that worked for me.

CRAFT A DOODLE DOO: The trick I use to apply face creams! Make them work for you! #diy #beauty #tips
I'd just put on a thin layer of cream and smoothed it on to absorb in a hurry to wrap up some urgent work.

I came back about five minutes later remembering how scarce the amount I'd put on and just added another thin layer to massaged it in to absorb.

The next morning I woke up with an absolutely flawless face compared to how it was earlier.

And it got me wondering, what on earth is wrong with my face (of course everything in the world was right with it, a leeeetle bit too right which made it look wrong, haha, that make sense?)

And then I recollected how I'd applied the cream in two thin even layers waiting for each to dry in between.

I wanted to see if this was some whimsical coincidental mumbo-jumbo, so I skipped this magic technique that night.

The next morning, the glow had definitely subsided. Something was off. So I repeated the thin layering method again and voila, fresh-faced next morning.
CRAFT A DOODLE DOO: The trick I use to apply face creams! Make them work for you! #diy #beauty #tips



So here's the theory:

-Slathering on one, albeit moderate layer may still be clogging up your pores; you never know which is why half the product may not be even sinking in and must settle on the topmost layer on your face degrading the cream's benefits..

-Applying two pea-sized thin layers (that's cool for the consistency of my cream, you may have to vary the amount according the the consistency of yours) with gaps (around a couple of minutes or more, again this time may vary depending on how heavy your creams is) in between to thoroughly let it absorb seems to give the skin more room to breathe and just plain soak in much better and easily.

I've been doing this for two weeks straight now and it's worked so well for me, I've been getting complements on how much brighter and glowy-ier I look! ^_^

PS: I can't say it will work for your skin. I'm just sharing what worked really, really well for me. I do wash my face with lukewarm water beforehand with a gentle face wash to open my pores up and receive any topical products better. Again the product I'd been using was from a reputed drugstore brand and had good reviews but I got rave results. This is the only routine that I ever use. Face wash. Skip toner. Cleanse with milk (and trust me, it's fab esp. for removing makeup residues) and then moisturizing. I exfoliate around three times in a week. Sometimes everyday with a very mild creamy/gel scrub.

Try and see if it works for you, with such a tiny change in routine, it's worth a try!

PS #2: I've been using this trick since a lot earlier and it has to do with clay based face masks. Whenever you put one on, they tend to dry quite quickly, so just wet them up again by gently patting on some water/milk to "reactivate" them and wash off when dry again. You'll see much better results.

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Hope you shine bright like a diamond too!
Love, Nash


  1. Hi! (it's thalikat from the WonderForest blog -internetloners.blogspot) i'm going to try this since i seem to have a similar skin type to yours & most days it's just "wtf face, get your act together" :p thanks for the tip

  2. Oh hello Thalia! Glad to find you here! See if it works for you, I'd love to know if it's as effective on yours. :3




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