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So this quick beauty was so easy to dish out and the outcome was so fabulous that I simply couldn't resist snapping away pictures! And you probably do have an Eiffel Tower souvenir or something right, right? No? Okay, well you can use a miniature souvenir from some random famous tower of your own country or tiny lil toys stolen from your kid/sibling/unknown child across the street. I was about to use stray chess pieces spray painted gold on a faux lil chessboard first, but that idea went whoosh when I remembered this darling key chain, just hibernating in one of my drawers.

Who can resist an Eiffel Tower ring dish? Plus, it's such a good daily catch-all if you're a ring, or even an ear-rings-ish kinda person. And of course, the dish has to be overdressed, because nothing can ever be over-dressed for me when done right. In short, here's a nice way to organize your rings!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea
It's also literally the simplest, glamorous way to make a squeal-worthy gift for you mum/sister/daughter/friend/lalala.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Did I mention this is Part 1 of my new series called : Vanity Rehab?

Just sayin' but in case your vanity needs an update, love, you can keep coming back for some more ideas. I've done so much more jewelry organizing posts here and realized I'm good at that sort of thing + I hoard a tiny bit more every few months so I'll be posting on more ideas especially dedicated to that.

Onto the diy,

You'll need:

-Decorative beads. gems etc. Even ones from a broken bracelet.
-A tall-ish small souvenir/miniature keepsake etc. (read above if you were lazy and skipped everythin')
-A lid, circular cardboard/glass/plastic base(or maybe even a coaster. And no, it doesn't HAVE to be circular. It can be octagonal, your choice.)

Just for trivia, I used one of those small golden cardboard *things* that come underneath store-bought pastries here. Don't ask me why I kept that. (I'm a diy blogger.)
-Glue gun/super-glue
-A small mirror (smaller than than the base). Just for some added glam-factor.


Even tho' this is pretty self explanatory, here we go.

1. I started by using a gold marker to paint around the black rim of my round mirror (which I prized out from my used compact case.)

2. Eyeball the center of the cardboard base and hot glue the mirror over.

3. Start from the diametric middle of the mirror and hot-glue your gems around going alternatively.
Meaning you stick one gem to the right of the first one.

And one gem to the left of the first one.

Just so that it gives each one good enough time to dry and they don't budge later.
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

4 Clean the mirror.I removed the tower from the key chain and hot-glued its legs in the center of the mirror.
If your keepsake comes in atrocious colors, just paint/spray paint it gold, silver, neon, pastel because all those things are in. Or just do whatever you like.

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Ta-done. Done. Stack up the rings and stare at it everyday while you dress up!

DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

Have fun!
DIY Ring Holder #diy #jewelry #organization #idea

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Hugs and smiles,



  1. I have the same flower gems, I used them to make earings to my sister some time ago

  2. I love how I can use those for such a variety of things <3

  3. Beautiful, it looks like the tower is floating on the water!

  4. Very nice work. Sharing on G+

  5. What a great idea! I have a mirrored tray I throw all my stuff on but something like this would look super cute on it and keep me more organized :)

    xx Lorelai
    Seams Unbiased

  6. It does brighten up my entire vanity too Lorelai :)

  7. Excellent tutorial for a ring holder - perhaps in the bathroom so rings go safely somewhere when washing hands?

  8. I do just so happen to keep it on the ledge above my wash basin. :D




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