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This post is a special dedication to all the bloggers and designers out there who need quick-fixes to give their photographs or projects a makeover. I've made a set of the cutest floral png files (for a layman, you can put these anywhere since a png image file type allows transparent backgrounds). These overlays can be used atop your regular backgrounds or pictures to get a speedy, catchy result!
So think loadza pretty images, greeting cards or personalized gift tags and oh-so-glorious scrapbooking! Time to spice up some snapshots!

I'll add in a few steps at the bottom of this post for my regular blog readers to use it too!

Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

If you're using these anywhere for online design or in any pictures in your post on the web, pleaseeee be a darling and give a tiny link crediting back to Craft A Doodle Doo.

If you're printing them out, you don't need to do anything as such. ;)


Elated? Share the love and let other artists in your life know about these goodies!
Amazing Floral Overlays For Bloggers/Designers #free #design #floral

For non-bloggers/designers:

1. Open up any editing software (MS Word for example.)
(Steps for Ms Word:
On the blank page, simply go to Page Layout options, and choose page colors. The drop down list also shows other options like Fill Effects. Browse for any pattern, gradient or background you wish and apply it on the document. Go to 'insert image' and browse for the overlay element you want and it will appear on your background.)

2.Browse the image overlay from the above that you'd like to use and apply it on the document. (Or just copy-paste)

3.Use the text option in your software to customize the plain design as per need.

*I'm sorry but I have no idea why this doesn't work on Paint. I've tried other softwares and it works fine. :D

Alternatively, print them straight away to minus the hassle and use some gorgeous calligraphy or brilliant handwriting if you have the skills and I'm promise  it'll look stellar!

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Free Gift! - If you happen to be one of those VIP individuals in my subscription list, I'll have a related printable gift waiting for you in your inbox by the end of this week. If you haven't yet subscribed, don't miss out!

Lots of hugs,


Q. I've downloaded the files but can't seem to find the software to open them.
A. I've used WinRar which is a compressing software to reduce the file size for quick upload and download. WinRar/Winzip is normally installed in most computers, you just need to right click the downloaded file and extract the overlays.
If you don't have the software already installed, just download Winzip or Peazip & install.

If you're still having problems, just email me at miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com and Ill send over the files to you! :)



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