Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cravings Ravings//Spicy Tandoori Bites! (Indian Street Style!)

Oh dear, it has been an enormous time since I actually penned down a recipe here, but that's because I always wanna share the best with you guys, and if something came out tasting THAT good from my kitchen, it's here. So then,
Here for the love of Indian Spicy food is a mouth-watering appetizer, Tandoori Chicken Bites and this is so very easy, you can whip it up for parties in a jiffy, or you can actually have all the guilty pleasure solo, or... (and this is my style)you can plomp down outdoors with your family or with a nice ol' book and go munchin'!

This recipe was adapted from where the chicken has been chopped in strips, but I did chunks, hence the name!

Although the recipe doesn't mention an overnight marinade as an obligation, you totally, totally, totally SHOULD! (pretty please!)

Helpful Hints: Because I did the spicy version, I added some more chilli powder,you can even add a dash of pepper like I did & some extra lemon juice for a kick! I also added a bit of curry powder for more flavorful chicken but you can skip this!
Plus, for an added doze of tangy, go for a nice dip on the side!
You can find out the recipe here!
xoxo, Nash


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