Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pretty Me Up-Probably one of the most chic belts you'll ever make for cheap!

Hello there!
Do you love skinny belts? I know I do! Well, here's a skinny belt that:
A.Has Glitter
B.Looks super chic
C.Has minimum materials used
D.Gives shapeless dresses a glamour punch!

Now that I've got you excited, let me tell you first that this can be a lil bit time-consuming, but at the end of the post I promise I'll add some super-alternatives you can try out!

This skinny belt was inspired by the design here.

In India or its neighboring Asian countries, you get heavy laces like these for a significant amount of cash because they are usually used to design custom bridal outfits which if you've seen Indian brides before, are detailed with loadza intricate, heavy work and motifs!

So let's do a cheaper version at home! (and also to use up the glitter from my DIY Vanity Tray)

Here's how to go about it:
First,Download the template here.

1.Grab a pair of scissors, glitter in your fav color, or even a potpourri of colors,Felt or adhesive velvet fabric. (I used adhesive velvet),Craft glue/modpodge and also super-strong glue, craft knives of assorted sizes,white ribbon. I suggest white because it goes with most colors and looks really chic with gold glitter and finally, a good long weekend to work on this project!

2.Place the felt/velvet's wrong side facing the wrong side of the template.

3.Begin by cutting out a rectangle of the velvet/felt that will fit your template size, I printed my design on an A4 sheet, so it comes out like a big glittery buckle that would make a statement! If you used felt make sure you firmly glue it onto the template.

4.Now use your scissors (a smaller scissors will also come in handy, it did for me), and your craft knives and begin to cut through the loops and spirals of the template till just the black design is left out onto your cutting mat.

5.After you're done, and the edges are neat and crisp,its a good idea to place butter paper or probably some kinda non-stick sheet down on the work surface and paint on some craft glue.

6.Sprinkle glitter several times or if you want to opt for a rustic look, leave out tiny gaps and let it dry.

7.Meanwhile make a lil rose with the white ribbon simply by folding it in a swirl with edges sticking out here and there.I also propose to do a clear gloss finish spray a couple of times (sparing a few hours between each spray) on the buckle, I still have o go and get mine. :). That will guarantee the glitter doesn't scatter all over your clothes and the belt will actually last. :)

8.Glue on the rose to the center of your "buckle" and some more ribbon on its either side that would fit your waist.

9.You're done!

Now here's how to make this project less lengthy!
If you have large ornamental lace available at home, just use gold glitter spray paint (I use Krylon but mine got over) and then again finish with a clear adhesive glossy spray. You can then follow up the rest of the steps.Because the lace (unless it is heavy in weight too like how those on Indian Bridal  outfits are), it'll tend to be slip a little or may curl up. So make it look like expensive cut- work by gluing it onto the velvet fabric!

If you fancy, instead of adding a rose, you can use a mix of rhinestones or a single big brooch!

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Much love, Nash
(Psst, stay tune for an exciting Spring roundup post coming soon!)


  1. Wow! That is ornate. I'm impressed with the cutting. Looks super.

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  2. Thankyou so much Christina :)

  3. wow fantastic, i like this so much.This is the perfect blog for that who wants to know the style about Thin Belts. Thanks for sharing this site with us, i will pass it to our friends.




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