Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beauty in a nutshell:review//Boots Mango and Papaya Body Scrrub!

Ladies, let me introduce you to my current skincare obsession..

Yep, there it is..riiiight up there!

This product is from their Boots Natural Collection line. I'm guilty of being taken in a lot of times by the fragrance of  products. I'm not sure but I think they had other versions too, and their scent drove me nuts, they all smelled so fresh, or fruity or citrusy!
After reading what the product claims, I finally settled for this one!

Price: I'm pretty sure it was SR 30

Product Claims:
Brighten up!The revitalizing power of mango and papaya is a fruit shake for your senses, while this gentle scrub leaves your skin softer, smoother and noticeably brighter.

Massage gently into damp skin and rinse thorughly


I am so sorry for that picture which blurs out towards the bottom but my camera decided not to listen to me at that moment.

This thing contains parabens #verybad but you can see mango and papaya up there #good!

Typing that list kind of felt agitating to me for now, but I promise to list all the ingredients of an upcoming product in its review!

Consistency and Texture:

That is when my cam COMPLETELY decided to give up on me. But you can figure out that it has a gel like consistency, a bit orangey in color with microbeads swimming happily inside.

And then the smell is a nice, refreshing, fruity but not overwhelming fragrance so sensitive noses would be fine with it too! #win!
It is packaged in a tube with a flip-open cap and does not leak, so its pretty travel friendly. A very little can get stuck in the lid IF you did not shut back the cap properly, which I confess I did a few times.
Now it says its a body scrub and at the same time it says its gentle..I don't know how many of you like non-gritty body scrubs, but I like one which is highly exfoliating so that it should be more abrasive and not "gentle". So what exactly did I do? I used it as a facial exfoliation.I got normal-combination skin (Normal in winters, combination in summers). I know the whole jazz about not using these things on your face but it when it said "gentle" on the packaging, hey, it really meant it. This thing is actually gentle enough to use on your face,at least on mine, AND everyday, its mild but perfect for exfoliating! Also, it doesn't dry skin out. Of course, it doesn't moisturize it as well, but it is smoother, softer and yes, BRIGHTER! LOVE THAT! Like, yeah, visibly!
This is my favorite face it actually leaves you *that* bright!

Summin' it all up:

The Good:
-Invigorating, fresh fragrance
-Flip-top tube packaging
-Gentle enough for everyday use on the face (for combo/oily skin)
-leaves skin smoother
-and softer
-and berrrighterrr!! :))
-doesn't dry skin out post exfoliation

The Bad:
-has parabens
-not really a worthwhile body scrub as abrasive property is poor for that
-lid might get a lil goopy if not shut properly

Rating: 4.7/5 (I don't regret getting this and it not working out as a body scrub, rest of the claims are all true!)

Get this if
-You go out in the sun a lot and your skin has faced some sun damage and needs brightening up
-If you are a scrub hoarder
-if you already have a tan, I think it will help clear it up
-you are looking for a scrub with gel consistency and moderately abrasive microbeads

Hope that helped!
See you soon!

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