Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles-DIY Bracelet Tower!

I'm here with a quick and ridiculously simple tut for you all today. If your chunky bangles and bracelets are invading a lot more territory than they ought to, organize them in this sweet and stylish way. You can make multiple of these and display them on your vanity and it won't take up a lot of space or time!Promise!:D

Gather up these few supplies and you're good to go!

1.Krylon Glitter spray in Gold. You can use the color of your choice, obviously. I just think gold looks more, erm, classy!
2.Your fabulous stash of bracelets!
3.This is your tower stand now. I decided on an empty room mist fragrance bottle. You'll want it to be slim, sleek and sturdy. Mine is frosted glass with a steel cap.
4.Heavy coasters/lids. I used the lid of a jar that never needed a lid :)
5.Glue gun sticks, so, duh, a glue gun!

Here's how to wrap up this project in no time!
1.Spray all over the lid and its rim according to the instructions of the paint can and let it dry. Consider doing multiple coats if its glitter spray, you don't want a single coat and the glitter scattering away a few days later!
2. Center your spray bottle (btw if you want, you could spray this over too, I have no idea why I didn't want to. It was going to be covered up with my bracelets anyhow)
3. Is it centered? Great! Glue it down!
4.Almost done, but if you want enhance your base more with a trim of washi or fabric tape)
5. Pile up your bangles and that's it!

Hardly any effort, correct?

PS. I would recommend coasters more for this project (y'know, like the glass coasters from Ikea?) The heavier the better. DO NOT by any means chose to do this with any lightweight lid because you'll just have your bangles and bracelets tumbling all over UNLESS you have supernaturally lightweight bangles too ;)

Gonna post another project up soon!

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