Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pretty me up- DIY Floral Sharpie belt!

Does that fabric look printed to you guys? Well, it does a whole lot to me!Surprise!! It's done with Sharpies!

How long can the magic of Sharpies go? Tremendous I say, today I bring you a cheery, bright and floral belt made with Sharpies! Time to reveal you inner doodler in this project ladies! It's great for giving as gifts too and to turn a plain dress's style a notch higher up!
I did this project at night and took pictures later, so I don't have any pictures of the process but it's so easy you won't have a hard time figuring anything out!

What you'll need:

1.Sharpies in the colors you want your design to be
2.Adhesive Lace
3.Ribbon in any color of choice.
4.A handy pair of scissors
5.Hobby/craft knife
6.Fabric Glue (sorry, I misplaced mine, so I just replaced normal clear dry glue in the above picture)That works well too!
7.Fabric, preferably in lighter, neutral shades. Mine is white, about 3 inches wide and 19 inches long.

1.First your fabric is gonna need a bit of ironing if it looks crinkled.My fabric is actually a stole that I had in my school uniform from when I was in school. I'm glad it came in handy!

2.Now start doodling. You might wanna lay out some newspapers down first before you start drawing on the fabric. I'm happy how it came out in the end!

3.Take the adhesive lace the same measure as the length of your fabric, peel off the backing and adhere it to the longer parallel edges of your personalized Sharpie-drawn fabric. If you wanna cover the other side of the belt too with the same plain fabric go ahead cuz some Sharpie marks are bound to be peeking there and it ain't gonna look pretty if you're gifting this to someone!

4. Now take your craft knife and a little bit from the edge, make a little sliver the width of your ribbon so that you can insert it through.

5.Take the ribbon out from the other end and glue it back down to the original ribbon that you inserted in through the sliver.

6.Now to make the ends looks more finished,switch over to the back portion, fold down two triangles from the two corners of the fabric like this:

7.Glue them down and do the same for the other end of the belt too.

8.You can keep the length of the ribbon as long as you desire. I like keeping mine long just cuz after I tie the bow, I like the rest of the ribbon to have a nice fall. :)

9.Wear it, gift it, adore it!

You can see in the above picture how I didn't fold one end of the belt to show you guys how the folded triangular end looks like :)

I would LOVE to see if you did a version yourself!
Till next time!
Nash <3


  1. So cute! I'd never know it was done with Sharpies. Love it :)


  2. Creative idea, I might try to incorporate Sharpies into a next project. Thanks for sharing!

    The Kipi Blog

  3. You're welcome Jen and Marjorie :)




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