Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beauty in a nutshell-DIY Skinglow Recipe!!!

What I'm gonna be sharing with you folks today is major nutrition to submerge your skin in a boost of radiance! And its so simple, natural and effective, you'll see dazzling results instantly!

I got this recipe from celeb spa facialist Joanna Vargas at Howcast and I knew I had to spread the word!
Here's how to go about this luxurious pampering skin potion..

You'll need:

1. A tablespoon of organic honey
2.Two tablespoons of olive oil
3.Two tablespoons of plain yogurt.

Just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until it has a nice creamy consistency and apply as a thin layer on your face and neck. Let it work its magic till you feel a thin dry film has formed on your face. Wash it off with a cold splash of water.

You'll love how refreshed your skin has become,its super supple texture and the visible sheen your skin has!
Don't worry too much if you skin initially feels a bit greasy, your skin will soak it right up in a few minutes!

Honey has anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Some also use it to bleach facial hair and also use it as a remedy for light blemishes.
Olive Oil has tons of benefits. It drenches your skin in moisture and brings that amazing glow!
Yogurt helps in evening out your skin tone and makes it brighter because of the lactic acid it contains that peels off the dead cells!

This mask is great for sun-exposed skin, to fight off a bad tan and to to keep skin discoloration in check!

The best part is your could keep the excess refrigerated to use next time! Ultra-cooling,and you could use it everyday too!

Tell me if it worked as wonderfully for you as it did for me!

On standby till next time!

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