Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Give em pretties a home!- DIY Trinket Jars

If your lil knick knacks keep getting lost in the midst all your bigger hobby or household supplies, here's a super-quick and super-cute way to get them organized!

You'll need:
1.A pair of scissors
2.Empty cream jars (usually used up skincare tubs, especially handy if they are see-through or semi see-through)
3.Washi tape, I chose two different kinds, a pretty floral one and a beige based floral one
4.And your little trinkets and baubles!

How to:
I know how many of us reuse empty jars, but this is a really instant way to refresh their look!
Just wash the jars and let them dry for an appropriate time. My brand's name was worded in the center portion of the jars which is why I aligned the washi that way. You can align it as per your requirement. Snip off after covering the entire circumference of the jars and fill em up with your pretty trinkets and voila! You're done!

These are so cute and go so well with my workspace, they are efficient and adorable storage solutions at the same time!
Till next time..

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