Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles:Adorable DIY Washi Stand!

When my aunt gifted me this glorious overload of washi goodness, I faced a wee little problem.Storage. I did have ideas in my mind like this fabulous one ( here ) but call me weird and stubborn, I just had to see it in sight all the time just because it was so pretty! So I needed a thrifty way to have it sitting smug on my workspace without it looking cluttered.And here it is! This stand is just perfect, and because it's white it gives a clean look and charms at the same time! Plus, it's crazy simple!

Here's what you'll need to recreate this:

1. Your wayyy- too- gorgeous washi collection to be hidden!
2.Sturdy plastic plates, mine were transparent, take two if you want it two-tired, the base one being bigger in diameter, you could also use cheap glass plates (think vintage china)

3.Something to support the top-tier to the bottom one. I've seen cakestand tutorials use candle holders.  You could also invert a stem glass. Here, I used a small transparent glass vase from Ikea.
4.This is optional. I downloaded a free printable name tag and tagged the words Washi Whimsy in there. Skip this one if you want.
5.A glue gun or any super strong glue to glue your assorted parts together.

1.If you want to spray paint your plates and the support (like the vase or candle-holder), do so first( I did mine white, but left the vase as is) and let it dry according to the time it says in the instructions on the can.
2. After that, center your support on the base plate, don't glue it down yet and see how it looks with the second plate on top.
3.After your are happy with your arrangement, you are ready to glue it down.
4. I simply tied the name tag using a red ribbon around the neck of my vase.
5. Display your washi and enjoy!

Things to consider during assemblage:
Keep in mind the weight of the items that you would be putting on those plates. Lightweight plates are probably not a good option if you are putting too much stuff in there. The base plate should be the heaviest and depending on the amount of stuff, the support should be pretty sturdy too.

Catchya all next time! :)

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