Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretty me up - DIY Collar Necklace!

You see these sprouting up everywhere! Finally, I decided to make my own! Its really easy but a nice vintage style and made with minimum materials! I also included three more DIY collar necklace links at the bottom of this page to get you super-inspired!

Here's what you'll need:

1 A roll of pretty lace. Mine is white adhesive lace. I just peeled off its backing and adhered it to the collar.
2.A couple of pencils.
3.Velvet/velvet textured paper. Again, mine is a deep red velvet textured paper with adhesive backing.
4.Fabric tape. (you can easily purchase these ones I use in my tutorials at
5.Nice shimmery gold ribbon
6.A pair of scissors.
7 Fabric glue or strong clear drying glue. (not pictured)
8. Interface fabric (optional)

Let's get cracking!

1.If your are using adhesive velvet like mine you can use the adhesive peel side to draw the template of your collar. To get an idea of the size of mine and how I deep I wanted it to be. I just placed the paper against the neck of one of my dresses and figured it from there.

That's the back side of my velvet you see in the picture above. Estimate the middle line of your collar on the paper and fold the paper in half across that line. Mark a point at the distance you want your necklace to end and draw half a collar. When you unfold the paper back you should naturally get a whole collar.

Use this to help you. (image taken from here)

If you are not using adhesive velvet like me, then you can cut out a template on thin cardboard and use it as your guide.

2. After you have made all the adjustments and are happy with how what you've drawn looks, cut it out. If you have any rough edges like mine, you can smooth them out later by cutting marginally again.

Here's how it'll look by now:

3. Lets get to the fabric tape now. I aligned the fabric tape vertically according to the slope(curve) of my collar. Have a look.

Trim off any excess and here's where the thin interface cloth comes in. If you want it as an extra backing to your collar you can cut it out to size and glue it at the back. I didn't add any because the collar felt comfortable enough without it.

4.Now is the time to attach the lace along the bottom cure of your collar. I found my lace was too wide and it looked overwhelming so I cut it in half and it looked perfect!

Straighten out the lace if it curled up at places. This may happen if you are using adhesive lace like mine!
Once you've fixed that part, it'll stay that way and you needn't worry any more!

5. Grab the gold ribbon now and use a utility/craft/Xacto knife to score a little sliver at the end of each half of the collar.

String a little part of the the ribbon through the gap you've scored and glue the part that comes out from the other side to the longer part of the ribbon which you strung in.

And that's all there is to it ladies!

Think a whole range of other fabrics you could use, maybe jeans with lace, or sequin fabric or lace bordered with a dainty string of pearls?
The options are endless!
I'll post another collar necklace tutorial with a twist soon!

And as promised, here are other links for inspiration!

I really love this one here and this one which is similar and as adorable too!
And this beautifully minimal one here!

See you with a brillant new tut next time!


  1. This is very cute and very different! Like it a lot :)
    Please have a look at my diy collar necklace too:




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