Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Me Up // DIY Pastel Hoop Earrings For Dummies!

I've got a quick one for all of you today...
I've tried my hand first time at making jewelry and here's the result!

So you get what a less-than-amateur like me would start with, simple hoops and beads! Since I'm not a jewelry makin' maniac, I took the simplest route and if you have never tried makin' jewelry (like dumb ol' me), this may just get you started!

 You'll need: 

-Jewelry wire 
-Beads in two different colors
-Co-odinating Ribbon
-Mini Tongs

1.Begin by beading in to the wire,using the two colors alternately. As you see, my white beads are slightly larger than my blue ones, so I use the white ones in the beginning and end to give a more defined look!
2.Use any cylindrical object as a guide to form a rough circular loop.We are later going to make this into a more of a teardrop shape so it doesn't really matter if your loop isn't a perfect circle!
(You may use tongs wherever necessary!)
3.Cross one end of the wire over the starting point of it and wind it around three-four times. Since I don't own any jewelry tools, mine is messy! So if you don't too, it's fine, we'll cover that flaw later in the next step!
4. Snip off abut 5 cm ribbon and tie a knot over where you wound the wire in step 4. Don't try on a bow, it'll make you go nuts!Then snip off extras and it'll look like a nice mini bow without you tying one!

 Voila, you're done! 

I tried these on and they look ohmigosh so pretty!

         Pair 'em on with a white tunic, pastel jeans and a chic floral scarf with a pom pom    trim for a perfectly Springlicious look!         

I hoped you like my first attempt at jewelry making that even dummies can do!
       Stay joyful and pin if you liked this!       

Nash :)




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