Friday, November 29, 2013

Inspiration Nation// Statement Gallery Wall DIY!

I'm sorry new posts on this blog have grown scarce since the past couple of weeks but my final exams are in full swing and I've pretty much been a zombie! If you want to have a look at the projects I've been up to, you can check out my Facebook page! Anyhooooo, I slipped this DIY into my last weekend because it was so simple and easy and perfectly fit in the lil time I could afford for something other than my studies! A DIY statement gallery wall! You can make a ceiling to floor version or a half version. I've got the pictures ready to expand my gallery when my schedule gives me more space to breathe! :)
Are your empty walls in need of a chic vibe?
The pattern was hand-drawn by me and you can download it at the end of the post. All you need to do is color in to coordinate your room decor! (Oh of course, you color in just once and then just do multiple print outs =D)
If you want yours exactly like mine (because let's see, bright and cheerful rooms attract magnetize you), then just follow the steps below!

WARNING LETHAL : I'm a very messy artist. Please don't be eeked out be my colors going outta the lines!
Here is what your sheet of paper should look like after you've printed it out. I printed mine out on an A4 sized paper
Start by taking a salmon pinkish color pencil and filling in the big buds. Take a medium pink and shade over lines for a little more interest....
Go to the whole flowers and use the medium pink again to start at the base of the petals coloring almost all the way to the end of the petals. Then round off the end with a pretty red color merging into the pink shade..Fill in the center with a mango yellow and shade it with a bit of a mustard color pencil.
Next fill in the curvy round flowers with each of the two orange and yellow. Fill in the centers black as shown!
Fill in the stems with a forest green shade.
Color in half of the total leaves on the entire paper with the forest green. Fill in a sweet minty green in the middle stem of these leaves. Then for the other remaining leaves, do the opposite (i.e fill the leaves with the minty green and do the middle stem a forest green)
Fill in the round berry-like stems with light and dark browns shades. I used dark brown for the fringe-like pattern on the berries.
And you're done!
Scan your colored paper and do multiple copies according to how many rows you want to go across your wall!

You can either frame them (and that'll obviously take longer), or use washi tape as a border to mimic frames, or use washi tape to just tape the top of the pictures to hang 'em!
Next time, I'll do neon washi tape frames. ^-^

Here is the finished result!
This table needs a bit more decoration, I think. It's one of the drafting tables I use for my architecture drawings (read :"one of")
I need to finish up the two more rows underneath :)
Here's one to pin!
Here's the pattern to download! >> Free Floral Printable Pattern
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Love ya' all
xoxox, Nash




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