Friday, November 15, 2013

Beauty In A Nutshell // Two-Minute Glow Scrub!

The other day I looked like I belonged to a zombie novel with my skin looking terribly tired and dull. Ever been there? I remembered seeing a lady commenting on a beauty blog once how this remedy works for her better than store-bought skin brighteners and needless to say, I got to the task to give my...well, verdict! And look what we have here, a successful beauty potion, tomato sugar scrub!
I think a lot of people use this technique with lemons for darkened knees and elbows and even for facial exfoliation. Lemons don't react well with my skin leaving it crimson and burning; so if you're lemon-sensitive, try tomatoes! They are amazing!
Tomatoes are especially epic for oily skin as they remove all excess oil due to their astringent properties. Their high vitamin C content ensures a sparkly radiance and they are also pro pore-shrinkers! Plus, tomatoes have high acidity levels making them great for drying out mild-severe acne! Don't they seem like your dream beauty all-rounders?

You'll need:
1. 1 tbsp white granulated sugar
2. One third tomato cut from the top

You only need to scrub this on your face for two minutes and can then relax while the juice soaks and beautifies your skin for another fifteen minutes!
How to use:
Having the tomato cut from the top makes it easier to hold while you massage it on your face. Use the cut tomato chunk to swirl into the sugar. You'll see that the granules get mushy enough on the surface of the tomato cuzza the juice so that it's not too harsh for your facial skin.
Can you see the sweet sugary mush above? That's how you want it to be. Now massage this little guy over your face for about two minutes making sure you have a firm hold on the tomato so that the juices released work in combination with the sugar to exfoliate your depressingly tired skin. If you find the sugar crystals dissolving, swirl the tomato in the remaining sugar and continue massaging until you've used most of the tomato juice. If you have any excess, rub it over your hands! Now let the tomato-sugar mix sit on your face for about fifteen minutes and then rinse with cool water.
When I did this, I could immediately see clear skin and NOT the glow but five minutes later when I checked in the mirror I had the most beautiful sparkle you could have on a bare face...and it lasted the whole night and the morning next! I plan to use this once in three-four days to get my skin renewal done!

If you have dry skin, make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer to get the pH level back! Let me know how this fared for you! (PS: I have combination skin)

Another quick beauty tip : Make sure you limit your time on your gadgets since harmful rays from the screens can really dull out your skin and make you look grey!
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