Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles//Sweet Hanging Organizer DIY

Back then with all the photoshop fiddling, I realized that one of my all time oohlala combinations is fresh roses and black n' white stripes! I just can't seem to get enough of the vintagey (that's not a word, I know) sweetness of the roses paired with the modern edgy stripes! So, in my quest to relive this combination in someplace besides my free paper printables (download 'em here!), this adorable hanging organizer was born - from pillowcases!
Let's first peek in on my own inspiration shall we, girlfriends?
Okie, back to the DIY now, you'll just need two pillowcases for this, either the same pattern or two different coordinating ones. I'm not sure whether you'd want to sew up really pretty pillowcases to make a really pretty organizer but if you're single (aha!) and there's lonely pillowcases hangin' round your home, this is for you. If you found some awesome pillowcases at a thrift store, this is for you. If you are a dorm room girl this is for you and if you are a lover of cute things, oh this is DEFINITELY for you!

Apart from the pillowcases you'll need: some basic beginner sewing skills/sewing machine. pins to pin the fabric in place while sewing, a pencil to mark the fabric, a pair of scissors and a hanger in a coordinating color with the pillow fabrics. I had a white hanger and I painted it a bright red-pink to cheer me up!

NOTE: This is just a 5-step process and I  tried really hard to make it as simple as possible for beginners (cuz' sheh I'm such a dork at this whole sewing business too), so please don't let this scare you cuz' it's really simple and if you do have any queries, drop me a comment below!

1.Begin by cutting folding your pillowcase around 7 inches over one side like this. The printed side should be folded over the plain side as in the picture below. (If your pillowcase is printed on both sides, then just fold over one side onto the other across a length of approx. 7 inches)
2.Then run your sewing machine (or sew by hand) along both the 7 inch sides. I did a zingzag stitch for a more graceful edge (wee!) and make sure the seams are just touching the edge.
If you are not much of a sewer then use strong good quality fabric glue along the border of the pillowcase and fold in. Then fold seven inches over and glue down thoroughly over the just folded- in border. The below picture will help you understand.
This should form one pocket of your organizer; you can do as many pockets as you want, I think two is great for hanging just about anywhere if you're using small-medium sized pillowcases.

3.Next fold your second pillowcase exactly as in step one above (don't sew the edges yet!) and place it on above the first pocket-you-made's flap so that they overlap.

4.Mark a line with a pencil for the depth till where you'd like your first pocket to overlap the second one.  (The first pocket you'd sewn actually goes on second in the organizer and the second pillowcase you sew "over it" is the first pocket after the organizer is done).Then sew along this line. Remember to sew along ONLY the base (and not over the folded side too) of the second pillowcase to the base of the top of the first pillowcase so that these both are now stitched together.
Once both are attached you can now sew the sides of the second pocket just like you did for the first.
NOTE (SEQUEL): You may have noticed that in the pictures the floral pocket is ABOVE the striped one. That's because when I took the pictures for the process I had decided to put the striped one first but later interchanged them as I though floral on the top looked better. (indecisive much? Yep)

5. I don't have pictures for the last step but it's really straightforward. Fold the topmost edge of the entire organizer over the rung of the hanger and stitch at the back or apply fabric glue.

Alternatively, you can skip the whole sewing/gluing process depending on what you're doing and instead punch holes on the side edges of both the pockets and loop through a ribbon and tie taut, like this.
And that's all there is to it. Strut your stuff to the organizer and hang it anywhere you'd like with adhesive hooks. Right now mine's hanging down on the wardrobe knobs! :)
The floral fabric was designed by me, so overjoyed at how it turned out and I'm thinking of uploading the design on Spoonflower. What do you think? Beauty or beastly?
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Have an outrageously fun weekend! 
Love, Nash

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  1. Pink is for sexy and blue is for boys. I like the idea of hanging organizer DIY. Even a boy can do that in different colors. The print can also be changed yet your idea also catch my attention to give it try to my own blog

  2. Hi Nash,

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of spring cleaning crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!




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