Friday, December 6, 2013

Inspiration Nation//DIY Vintage Storage!

Checklist for things I love:
-Maroons and reds
These storage boxes  

My love for everything vintage themed needs no introduction..what can I just, happens :) Anyhow, we had loads of very sturdy boxes lying around in which 'thobes' come in. (know thobes? It's the traditional white garment guys over here put on. But that's not what we concern ourselves with,is it?it's what they come in!).
The best thing about these is that they are super dent-proof, wear for ages and perfect to chuck in craft supplies, no wait....anything!
Here's how I made mine!

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I made a set of three beautifully coordinated boxes. At my local craft store we get rolls of adhesive paper (each for about 2$ approx.). The deep red box has been covered with a velvet textured red adhesive paper. It feels just like velvet but it's actually paper not fabric with an adhesive backing! How cool is that? ...and if you've been dawdling on my humble blog previously, you would have seen how many, many, many times I use these kind of rolls,
              The third box is a glossy adhesive roll with a delicate floral print (for 2$ too) and the first is a thrifted floral pillow cover. (or should I say it took only about half of the pillow cover? :D). The pillowcase set of 2 cost me 2$ which would make this for 0.5$! You just need to scout 'em shelves ladies!
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I know you're thinking, gosh she babbles a lot,soooo let's just get down to this *sorry!*

You'll need:
-A roll of adhesive velvet paper or just velvet fabric in any color (but remember we're doing inexpensive DIYs here, so velvet paper it is!)
-A roll of adhesive printed paper (floral, polka dots, damask, anything would look charming!)
-A vintage style floral pillow cover/fabric or just another similar adhesive paper
-Scissors and double-sided tape
-Seam ripper

To make the paper-adhesive boxes:
1.Lay out the bottom/top of the box on the wrong side of the paper. (The great thing about the adhesive rolls is that there is a grid printed out on the peel-off side making it easy to cut evenly). Eyeball the depth of the paper you'll need at the each of the sides and cut across a half inch extra (to fold over).
I already did the top of the box. It's the same as I show you below :)
Cut along the excess edges of the corners as shown below...

2.Peel off the backing and layout the box on it as you did before. You can get an idea of how it was placed by the scores you made in step 1.
This is the other side so you can't see the scores in the picture below.
3.But here's what you do next...set the paper on one edge of the box and continue the excess bit of the paper onto the next edge for neat corners. :)
Then press down the flap of paper for this second side over. The excess flap from the first edge gets hidden underneath :D

Do the same to get neat finished corners for all the sides and edges and you're done!

For the fabric covered box:
I wrapped my second box in the velvet paper first because I didn't want the ugly original blue color or the box showing through the thin fabric of the pillowcase. If your fabric is quite opaque, skip this step!
Next, iron out your fabric!
Turn the fabric inside out first..

2.Rip the seams of the inside-out pillowcase and spread out the pillowcase.Cut in half the length of the original.
3.Set out one half of the fabric as the base for the bottom of the box and line along the edges exactly to match the sides as shown in the picture below.
4.Fold over the other half onto the top of the box...
 Follow the technique used to cover along the edges and do the finishing for the corners just like we did for wrapping the boxes with adhesive paper i.c. folding over the excess of one flap under the flap of the adjoining side.
You can also use the style you use to wrap up notebooks for the boxes. ^_^

And you're done!
The fabric box takes 20-30 minutes and the paper ones take 10 can create a set of three in under an hour! Plus, let's churn out the cost...
>Three boxes - nil cost
>Wrapping paper (velvet) -less than 2$ (cuz' we aren't using the whole roll)
>Wrapping paper (printed)- less than 2$ (^^ ditto)
>Floral fabric (half a dollar)

The trio probably costs less that 2$!
An plain Ikea cardboard box over that's the volume of two of these boxes here costs around 12$ (45 SAR approx) and it isn't even  sturdy as these bad guys!

You can also add embellishments of broken jewelry as knobs or scrap trims of lace for a touch of added charisma!
All that's left now is a gooey mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows! :)
Have a fabulous weekend!
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Much Love, Nash



  1. Those are so pretty. What a cute idea for storage, I have a ton of smaller boxes I can try this with.

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