Friday, December 27, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee//DIY Secret Envelopes!

Warm hullo there! I'm posting up a quick idea for you folks here because bigger DIYs are churning up in the background which I'll be posting soon!
These itty bitty envelopes are perfect for housing lil rings, pendants or studs as gifts (or even some yum candy!)
The best part is they have secret, totally heartwarming (yes, that's not even a word, no judging this once please!) messages inside!
The set includes two printable envelope templates which you can print out (dimensions according to your preference). I've made the resolution good enough that even templates printed onto a complete A4 sized sheet should come out fine. :)
The set also includes tiny lil labels that you can either print out on an adhesive label sheet or print out on regular sheets and paste onto the sides of the envelopes. ^_^
The first secret message inside says "You just..awesomed...all over my heart" which you can tuck in the velvety red floral envelope..
and the second one says "You turn..plain into...poetry." which coordinates with the glittery gold gingham envelope!
You can download the set here and give your special someone a dainty, sweet surprise!
A quick tip: Get a circle punch and make fake confetti by punching through colored paper and fill in the envelopes for bonus quirk! Load 'em up with gummy bears and m n m's for some added fun!
To wrap up, secure a pretty coordinating ribbon around the envelope packages :)
These are the extended version of my Charm Bash free printable papers collection, so if you wanna grab that, go here!
For other pretty DIYs. hop over to the DIY gallery for tons more inspiration or for more gorgeous printables check out my freebie section!

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Have a super week ahead,
Till next time, Nash =)

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