Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee-Free Springlove Deco Papers/Notes!

This set of four note-themed papers are perfect for decorating big boxes and using the *notes* on the papers to label the contents, creating stylish binder covers, sending a big box of cookies to a special someone whose name you can include on the notes, framing them to add a vibrant color punch to your sad walls and just in case you're still wondering what I'm talking about, I show you how to use one of these as a binder cover at the end of this post!

                                                         Download here!

I had an annoying bunch of papers from my recipes, craftspiration and paper scraps long before a thing called Pinterest existed. I'd jus kept them in a boring A2 sized cover which I had no idea what to do with. Here's how I organize my papers and dressed up my so-called Project Journal!

1 Just grab one of the deco printouts, a pair of scissors,Sharpies, glue/tape and transparent plastic sheets (thin)
2.That's my A2 sized cover and I'd long ago lazily painted on some green swirls on it.
3.All I do is take the transparent plastic sheet and make it into a pocket open from two ends (so that I can slip in my papers) using glue and scissors.
4.Then I jazz it up with some coordinating washi tape. :)
5. Next since I was glued on the deco sheet to the front of my cover and write project Journal with my magenta Sharpie marker in the "notes" area.
6 And here's the finished binder. Now my messed up papers have a home-sweet-home!

Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to pin this!

And do feel free to link up if you've used these in any of your designs!
See you soon,
Nash <3
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(References, some elements in the designs have been used from here and here.)




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