Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pretty Me Up//Valentino Inspired Clutch!

Once in a while, hanging out on Pinterest gets the worst of me and I spiral into a trance of some of my most devilishly alluring pins. This Valentino shoulder bag is a mix of lace n' leather in bright berry, the atrocious part being it's not even in stock. Since I on the other hand am more of a clutch lady, love my healthy doze of glitter and the feminine appeal of sheer lace, a children's stationery box (which I had since I was 7..perhaps) is what got the makeover in my book.
And oh yes, at a much more affordable price for a college-budget student too.
Everything about this beautiful clutch is frugal, except the appearance:It's luxe and it's pretty sure to garner some oohs and aahs out of the other ladies when you tell them you crafted it yourself!

You'll need:

1. Krylon glitter spray in gold (or glitter and modpodge in gloss finish)
2.Adhesive spray (optional but highly recommended)
3.Some sheer lace (I used one of those tiny lace giftbags you get in the gift section at stores)
4.A ribbon in a complementary shade
5.Fabric for the lining (I used a single satin placemat that I purchased as a set earlier)
6.Super glue and scissors
7.Metallic Gold Spray paint (optional)
8.Fake adhesive gems (optional)
9. A plastic box with a lid that snaps shut


1. If you'd like, you can first spray paint the entire clutch with a metallic gold to avoid any ugly undertones of the previous color)
2.Spray paint the the entire exterior with the Krylon Glitter Spray in Gold. (If you're using the modpodge and glitter method, mix the required amount of glitter and glue in a big bowl and dab all over. Let it dry for a couple of hours and then add another coat. Finish with a coat of adhesive spray to seal everything in)
3.When dry, wrap up the exterior with the sheer lace (using super glue and scissors wherever necessary to trim extras and glue down protruding edges)
4.Use the adhesive fake gems as embellishment over the lace (surprsingly, I came across these in the car tools section :O They are supposedly used to jazz up the interior of your car...? :S)
5.Fashion the ribbon into a bow( I went for a Ted Baker style bow because they just look so classy) and glue it onto the top of the clutch's clasp)
      If your box just snaps shut just like that and you don't really have a clasp, you can still add it onto the top from where you'd normally open your clutch.
6.Open the clutch and line the interior edges with super glue.
Cut the fabric a few inches bigger than the size required to fit in the clutch and fold over the extra edges of the fabric onto the glue.
And that's how you possibly steal your children's stationery organizers and redo them into pretty clutches or if you're an outgrown kid like me (that just sounds creepy now), you can just dig one up from the hoarding you did over the years (nope. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who hoards these things)
Maybe you can also buy one. They hardly cost anything.
This is not a sponsored post, but in case you want to look up the glitter spray and metallic spray here are the links.
Krylon Metallic Spray in Gold
Krylon Glitter Spray in Gold
Also, I recommend (if you do a lot of glittery projects)buying a glitter spray as opposed to doing the modpodge routine because that's just mess free. You pet cat is spared millions of flecks of glitter adorning its lush coat.

For those who are plain confused, modpodge is a kind of all-purpose glue/sealer.

If you're not one to attend parties, you can also have this sitting in your boudoir as a jewelry box and heave a sigh of satisfaction everyday when you look at it.

         If you're new here, and I'm pretty sure you must be, you can look up my other epic line up of DIYs in the gallery!
If you also happened to love this DIY, go ahead and pin it! (Also come back for more glitterati fun!).
Oh, I just realized I missed the last step, dunk your precious baubles in!

Much love, Nash

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