Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cravings Ravings//2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes!

Have you like, ever craved chocolate and pancakes at the same time? It happened to me today but all I had were three different flavored baking mixes at hand. Since I'm a chocoholic by blood, no points for guessing my choice! My mum is normally the pro pancake maker (the classic pancakes that is!), so I decided to step up the game and mould the baking mixes to create my own super-fast pancake version and lemme just put this simply...
These are heartache!
Because the minute you finish these up, you'll be wishing for more later!

These will make about six medium sized pancakes. They are soft and moist and the middle is extra chocolatiey! (if that's even a word!).

You'll need:
-1 cup chocolate cake baking mix
-3/4th cup to 1 cup milk

Instructions: (the way I love it)
-Mix the ingredients well ina  big bowl making sure no chunks remain.
-Melt a lil chunk of butter in a pan and heat on low until the butter soften and melts evenly around the pan.
-Pour a dollop of our homemade pancake mix into the pan and let it cook for about 50-60 secs on each side. Flip carefully in between so that the batter doesn't separate!(Keep adding a bit more butter if you need between each pancake or you can just sub oil)
-Top with a hearty doze of your fav chocolate sauce, some delish ice-cream and serve.

I love the constrasty flavor of strawberry ice-cream against the fluffy rich chocolate, but if you can take up a chocolate volcano upheaval, feel free to try chocolate ice cream as well!
Of course the best neutral bet would always be vanilla!

Ah, yes, and this recipe you NEED to pin because I don't want you missing this out with time and forgetting the instant gratification it provides to curb your chocolate cravings!
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Lots of love and stay warm and cocoa-d up this winter,
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  1. So easy and a wonderful treat!
    I am thinking some walnuts or pecans added to the mix might be nice too :)

  2. Great idea Aliyah! I may try that next time too, chocolate chips would make it even more ravishing! :)




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