Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Decorista Chronicles//DIY Makeup Brush Holder!

Hello Sunshine!
Because my university would be starting in a while, I though I'd get my get-ready-in-the-hectic-mornings station more organized. You all know how I made a chevron glitter vanity tray for that very purpose sometime back. So I thought I'd go ahead and make some matching makeup brush holder(s) with it too. Now I don't own a lot of brushes which is why I made just one. And I wanted to go a bit different than the other tuts out there and not smother the whole jar or can in glitter (altho' I'm SUCH a fan of that too); so I settled with a diamond glittered pattern.Here we go! :)

The instructions are pretty basic. Here's what you'll need:

1.A pair of scissors
2.Gold wrap for the glitter diamonds backdrop (I had some leftover gold wrap from a chocolate gift box which inspired this idea in the first place;it gives this more luxe feeling to the holder, if that makes sense *wink*)
3.Of course, glitter in whatever color you want. I went with gold cuz' duh that goes with my vanity.
4.An empty tin can (I think that sounds pretty stupid because, c'mon, who uses a full tin can?)
5.Double sided tape & scotch tape.
6.White glue which dries clear (oh hello there, modpodge!)
7.Some surface on which you wouldn't mind getting glitter all over.
8.A ruler and a pencil.

1.You wanna go measure the height of your tin can and use that length to cut an amount for the gold wrap to cover the whole tin. Wrap it round using double sided tape.
2.Use some scotch tape and place it diagonally in repetition (with equal distances between each repetition)
3.Now go the opposite way round so it forms a criss-cross pattern
4.Dip an old paintbrush in your white glue and smother the peeking diamond gaps loosely and generously with your glue.
5. Immediately after you're done, do a generous sprinkle of glitter all over your can
6.Let it dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
7.Remove the tape and voila! All done. Fill it up with your brushes, eyeliner, mascara, you get the gist and tuck it in your vanity tray!
TIPS (and other important notes):
1.Do two, even three coats of glitter of you want to make the glitter last long.
2.To make the glitter lasts forever, spray the can with a transparent sealant (didn't have that for now)
3.Pin this, baby!

If you wanna learn how I did the tray, hop here!
I'll see ya next time!
xoxo, Nash

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