Friday, August 2, 2013

Craving Ravings// Juicy Chicken Shaslik!

I don't know about you but nothing in the chicken category beats juicy,oozing with flavor and barbecued chicken on skewers!

Well, faux barbecue works too.. I guess; which is why today we have Chicken Shaslik (also pronounced as Sashlik sometimes).

I have no idea whether this dish is Indian, from Pakistan or Bangladesh, I couldn't trace the exact origins, however, we had a restaurant here (we still have it but I consider it to be insignificant now) which had this grand dish brought sizzling on the table, it was the star of their menu I tell you, until, they revamped the whole menu and the next thing I knew was the waiter telling that they don't do that dish anymore.
What? What did he say?! 
I can't even tell you how amazing it was, so I began searching online of course and couldn't find one that came out the same but decided to pick one out with the best reviews and give it a go!

And ta-da, they turned out terrific, except for the fact they weren't the exact same restaurant style cuz' I'm pretty sure the hotel didn't use barbecue sauce!
I did this with 500 gms worth chicken breasts and that delivered 10 big sticks with four chunks of chicken each. You can adjust the quantity as you want of course!
To download and print the recipe, simply right-click and save it as an image.
I had a mental tragedy (sort of) goin' on since the past three days since I'd lost my Nikon's memory card, so I had just a skewer left by the time I found it and took a snap!

Merry dining folks,
Take care, Nash :)

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