Sunday, September 20, 2020

Free Winter Digital Papers and Introducting my Winter Holidays collection (digi papers, illustrations and clip art!)

 It's THAT time of the year again, Apart from September bring my birthday month, it is also dear to me because it is the precursor to winter. Ah, frosty sweet winter with warm, comforting drinks! Living in a country that stays VERY hot almost year round really makes you be grateful for every minute the weather turns cooler. I know we are technically going into fall and you guys loved my fall freebies. (Download the fall digital papers for free here if you haven't already). BUT, if you totally relate and cannot wait to welcome this amazing season, you will love this giant new winter collection I have for you. Hand-painted with my fav artistic medium in soft to saturated blue and green watercolors, you will feel transported to a wonderland! Take a look below!

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Free Winter Digital Paper Pack by Craft A Doodle Doo, Winter Wonderland scrapbooking paper set, blue watercolor patterns and backgrounds, watercolor texture pack, floral watercolor clipart, winter watercolor clipart set

Don't they look absolutely delicious? I've put quite some thought and effort into doing this collection. As always, I'm giving away a FREE sampler from this winter bundle. Three digital papers and three elements from the winter clip art set below (+ 2 secret bonuses)! Hooray for freebies <3

Friday, September 4, 2020

Free Islamic Desktop Wallpapers // Inspirational & Motivational Islamic sayings and verses from the Quran!

 Assalamualaykum lovelies!

My previous motivational desktop wallpapers went a teensy bit viral on Pinterest. They are actually the highest traffic router to my blog from Pinterest right now! Which actually had my cogwheels turning. I just recently posted Free Fall/Autumn desktop wallpapers on the blog but I knew I had to make a special freebie for my dearest Muslim followers too! I mean, we really do need a boost right now, don't we? Regardless of where we are, what kind of battle we are fighting; we are all in a flippin' pandemic. What better way for a Muslim during this time to turn back to Allah and refresh our memories with the reminders Allaah has already sent down for us? I've handpicked these specific verses from the Quran and Adhkaar (words of remembrance) to help relieve stress and bring a little light in our lives during this rather tragic time for a lot of my brothers and sisters. So presenting to you: my FREE motivational Islamic Desktop wallpapers!

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Free Islamic inspirational Desktop Wallpapers by Craft A Doodle Doo #islamicquotes #quranverses #islamicsayings #islamicart #hadithquotes #watercolorislamicart #muslimquotes #desktopwallpapers

I did keep the color palette a bit more sophisticated and tame in these wallpapers because I wanted them to be slightly more gender-neutral than the usual wallpapers I post (hello, signature florals of this blog!). The leaves and foliage are my usual hand-painted watercolor designs (watch me paint and post my art on my Instagram). These are the same type of modern, loose florals and leaves I've featured on my Etsy shop, so if you're more of a wall decor person, head over there!

Monday, August 31, 2020

Blush & Navy Digital Paper Pack | 10 Romantic Chic prints and patterns for scrapbooking, crafts, DIY and decorating projects!

 Oh wow! This new printable digital paper pack was a blast to make!  I can easily say it is one of my favorite pattern bundles I've made to date. I mean- it is charming, it is romantic, delicate and it has my original hand-painted watercolor florals on it. If you're an old reader, you already know my love for everything glittery, metallic and shimmery. This digital paper pack has it all! Chic, glamorous digital papers in beautiful navy blue and peachy blush hues touched with fabulous luxury gold accents. What's not to love? But you guys know me, I can never not find a way to give you all something for free ;) That is why this new collection also has a free sampler just like my Kate Spade inspired and Santorini inspired digital prints collections. Hooray for freebies!

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Blush & Navy theme free digital papers by Craft A Doodle Doo for scrapbooking, crafting, DIY and decorating projects. With watercolor florals, gold and glitter accents #digitalpaperpack #navyandblush #watercolorfloralpaper #scrapbookpaper

There's marble and alcohol ink textures and there's also a touch of the Arabian desert in the mix. Well, in my head it does all make sense because gold reminds me of luxury and that reminds me of the tales of Arabian (1001) nights,, hah!

These are ideal in use for:

1.Perfect for cards, scrapbooking, decoupage, personalized stickers, customized fabric designs, wedding invitations, photo albums and small gift wrapping crafts.
2.Designing your own website graphics, banners, promotional photos, marketing campaigns, etc.
3.Party favors, gift boxes and bags, party invites, journal covers and more!
4.Creating a completely themed wall art gallery and other customized home decor items! (See design
mockups for inspiration)

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Blush & Navy theme free digital papers by Craft A Doodle Doo for scrapbooking, crafting, DIY and decorating projects. With watercolor florals, gold and glitter accents #digitalpaperpack #navyandblush #watercolorfloralpaper #scrapbookpaper

PS: If you love navy and blue themes, you might just happen to adore this new winter collection I hand-painted for the holiday season! Click to check it out!

So, getting back to the topic and away from my ramble, here is what this new collection is about. And I talk about what you get in the free sampler too:



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