Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Hello everyone! A hearty Ramadan Mubarak to everyone celebrating Ramadan this year all over the world. I hope that wherever you are, your worship, prayer and charity is accepted and rewarded and may all your hardships ease, Ameen.

Today, I have something for you all that I've been working on for a while. This is especially helpful for reverts (people who have just entered into the fold of Islam) and young children who are more inclined to learning when they have a clear guideline and something they can refer back to as many times as they want. Think of them as Ramadan flashcards :D

For those who aren't Muslims and are unaware about the month of Ramadan, this is a when Muslims all over the world fast for a complete month for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to empathize with the poor and understand what poverty feels like by abstaining from food and drink. Other reasons are spreading peace and charity to the needy (which is obligatory) and focusing more on worshiping God to attain reward. This is also the month where the reward for good deeds are multiplied so avoiding everything that is bad and enjoining love and forgiveness becomes a priority for every Muslim who wants to make the best use of this holy month.

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Free Ramadan Printables: Checklist, Reminders and more! #free #printables #ramadan #islam #eid #planner #checklist #fasting #prayer

Within this Ramadan package, you'll find six set of printables:

1. Daily Dhikrs (or "tasbeeh", words to praise, thank and remember God (Allaah) by)

2. Ramadan Checklist (a quick list of daily reminders to help you get the most reward out of Ramadan)

3. Steps to maintain focus in your Salah (prayer) : this is especially useful for taraweeh when our mind commonly get distracted (the night prayer)

4. Circumstances when your dua's have the most chance of getting accepted (locations and times)

5. Etiquette of making du'a (Ensure you are making du'as the right way)

Saturday, March 2, 2019


Have you been loving how the humble monstera leaf just blew up in the design world this past year? I still haven't jumped off that ship! I absolutely adore those trendy tropical leafyvibes and even more so a kitchen that can channel some beautiful warm natural touches. If you love those kind of kitchens with lots of plants, wood and a burst of fresh daylight while you're cooking, you would love these new printables I made! They are absolutely delightful to someone who loves organization and ensure everything is on hand and in sight during kitchen rush hour. After all, a happy kitchen makes a happy chef!

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FREE KITCHEN ORGANIZATION PRINTABLES By Craft A Doodle Doo #free #printables #home #kitchen #Organization #decor #tropical #art #storage

Monday, February 11, 2019


I'm a makeup lover through and through. That being said, a lot of makeup lovers also love other forms of art due to that artistic streak running through their veins. If I have a pretty makeup vanity to spend myself dolling up, I just feel a whole lot better during the process and not just the end result. On that note, what do you all prefer? The final result or the process of sitting down and getting ready? If the process is as a big deal to you as me, then you will love this new makeup themed wall art I designed especially for your vanity area just to give you that extra boost of confidence and prep you for the rest of the day!

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FREE MAKEUP WALL ART PRINTS #free #makeup #wall #art #prints #gallery #vanity #beauty #diy #freebies #printables

The prints all have the cutest quotes on them that will just make you smile, especially with navy, peach and gold accents in the design. Just print any one on high quality photo paper, frame and adore it as you go about your day.

FREE MAKEUP WALL ART PRINTS #free #makeup #wall #art #prints #gallery #vanity #beauty #diy #freebies #printables

PS: It is a zip folder so make sure you have a software like Winzip or 7zip to extract the files. If you still have any trouble downloading, drop me an email at miraclespyer19(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll gladly email them right over to you.

Loving the free prints and crave some more? I've got bucketloads more freebies for you here on the blog!


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