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Have you been loving how the humble monstera leaf just blew up in the design world this past year? I still haven't jumped off that ship! I absolutely adore those trendy tropical leafyvibes and even more so a kitchen that can channel some beautiful warm natural touches. If you love those kind of kitchens with lots of plants, wood and a burst of fresh daylight while you're cooking, you would love these new printables I made! They are absolutely delightful to someone who loves organization and ensure everything is on hand and in sight during kitchen rush hour. After all, a happy kitchen makes a happy chef!

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FREE KITCHEN ORGANIZATION PRINTABLES By Craft A Doodle Doo #free #printables #home #kitchen #Organization #decor #tropical #art #storage

I made a general labels sheets for organizing items of the same category in the kitchen but there is a specific sheet just for spices just because that is the one category we have so many distinct items in.

You can print them on sticker/label paper of simply print on regular paper and then paste them on using cello or transparent tape on top for protection.

Then, as a bonus, I have a weekly meal planner for you all in the same tropical theme. It is so much more convenient if you have a dedicated space to plan your meals for the week especially if you have long work hours and don't have time to fuss about what to put together every day. It is also a better option to keep your grocery budget in control- and it is so straightforward to fill in that it doesn't feel like a chore at all! Take a look below:

FREE KITCHEN ORGANIZATION PRINTABLES By Craft A Doodle Doo #free #printables #home #kitchen #Organization #decor #tropical #art #storage

Craving more delicious printables? This blog has everything from more organizational printables to decorative patterns, giftwrap and lovely greeting cards. Find them all here:



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