Friday, April 11, 2014


Mommy dear has quite got the hang of my crafty endeavors now which is why she gifted me an empty egg crate last week. I suppose only us craftstresses would see the opportunity there; so I turned this basic kitchen trash into treasure : DIY Roses from egg crates! It was obvious wasn't it? I'm such a rose person, and all of us are looking for new ways to make this Spring pop! Thanks, mum!

The instructions are really basic. Just cut, paint, mold, repeat. Then fashion them into just the sweetest, romantic rose using your favorite super-glue and use them any way you wish. No one's even probably going to guess these beauties were made with egg crates!

You'll need:
-An egg crate, in a light color preferably.
-Acrylic paints in different colors and large-tipped paint brushes
-Newspapers (for easy clean-up)
-Super-glue of your choice

-Sturdy wire for steams
-Green ribbon

1.Begin by cutting across each row of little cones from the egg tray. Then cut out each row into individual cones. Don't worry I know these will be pointy for now.
  Snip off the pointy end of the cones to make them more curvy. Like rose petals, yeah? Paint them, preferably with a large fluffy paint brush! (I used two different colors, hot pink & bright cherry red to get a more natural effect.) Make sure to get around all the nooks and crevices.

2. For the center of the rose take the smallest half cone (you find them on the extreme left and right of each row of cones) and curl it inwards. Then glue down to secure and make it look like a bud.

3. For the rest of the cones. slit with a scissors as shown in picture across the length of the cone so that you get a longish petal and then mold this to fit around the bud.

4. Keep repeating and adding more 'petals' until you have a rose in full bloom!

5. If you'd like to pop 'em in a vase like me, wrap some green ribbon onto metal wire ( I used the ones from my foam curlers in my DIY Ring Box post). and glue them down to the base of the rose. (Don't forget to hold in place for a few minutes till the glue is dry and the rose sits smug!)

You can use these as gift toppers too or for photography props! Stunning either way!

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And here's the DIY Ring Box I talked about above. The foam curlers have metals inserts in them which I used for the stems of the roses!

Check out the rest of my DIYs in my DIY gallery, you wouldn't know what you may discover. ;)

Lots of hugs,
Nash ( I think you can tell I love a lot of pink & red, lol)


  1. These turned out so great :)
    Do the roses still stand when you put them in a jar? is it sturdy enough?

  2. Thank you!
    If you mean with the stems, then yes. Immediately after the paint dries, that's when you can shape them. A few hours later, they become VERY stiff; so you don't need to worry about them falling apart. :)

  3. Hey Nash, this idea is genius. They look so cool. Pinning this!

  4. Hawtt idea!!!lov de red n pink combo!!!n yea dose roses luk vry natural!!!gr8 job, ,Nash!!




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