Saturday, March 29, 2014


I'll ask this straight, are you up for some fabulous textile printing? ;)

Call me nuts, but I see a lot of potential in bottle caps. "Bottle caps, yep you're crazy!". Let's just date back and take a look at the in-door style closet organizer I made using bottle caps. It's still sturdy and rocking my wardrobe today, and let's not forget these come for free! So what else can you exploit these for? DIY Stamps of course! Stamps are for babies, you say.Maybe they were, but today let's make a rebel out of ourselves, shall we? :D

You'll need:

Bottle caps, lots of them!
Craft Foam (plain or patterned)
Super-strong craft glue
Stamp pads/Paint
A scissors and a pencil
Washi Tape (optional)


1.If you'd like your stamps to look extra cute washi tape the tops first. Of course you don't need to do this, it's just one of the perks of being excessively girly.

2. Trace around the bottle cap's circumference with a pencil to determine how much area you have to draw and doodle any shape inside. I just made me an entire botanical set, so I began with a rose. If you need, you can have a template or anything of the kind for reference. :)

3.Cut out the shape you drew and glue it down onto the cap.

4.Grab your stamp pads, or paint (I used acrylic paints) and begin stamping away. I just used a pretty satin napkin to put my pattern on.
Tip: If you're using paint, it can be a tad difficult, so just make sure that:
       - You have a nice, even coat of paint on the stamp shape.
       - Make the paint a bit diluted (using water) so it's smooth and not gunky because
       that'll make the designs, uhhhh...weird.
5. Be awesome and make yourself a cup of tea! (or coffee if you're a coffee person. I'm more of a tea + iced coffee girl, I don't know why I typed that here.I know it isn't even irrelevant)

I poured myself some hot cardamom tea in a cute mug and my pretty new napkin to cheer me up. It's the little things that give me glee.

Here's a close up of the print. Don't they look pretty? How about making ombre patterns now? I think that's what these lil guys will do next.

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A million hugs,

(PS #1: Need another textile design tutorial? This Cath Kidston inspired print tut may just bowl you over! Or check out other DIYs in my DIY Gallery!)
(PS #2: I apologize for the changing blog design, but I'm trying to get a hang of how I want it look eventually. Yes, I'm indecisive.)


  1. Your print is beautiful! And I just love that you used washi tape to make your stamps so pretty. I would be so happy if you came by and shared this at The Makers link party over on my blog, :)

  2. Thank you Alexis! I'll drop over right now! :)

  3. Awesome! I have all these materials and I'm gonna try this out later :-) Thanks for the tutorial

  4. How creative!! Thank you! What a beautiful print! :)

  5. I wanted to incorporate some Spring in there, thanks! ;)

  6. Hola! I've been reading your web site for some time now
    and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas
    Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

  7. Keep this going please, great job!




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