Friday, October 4, 2013

Inspiration Nation// DIY Stationery/Makeup Brush Roll!

Helllooooooooooooooo!!! Part four of the Design Your Series is now here! Check it out!
Do you have leftover mismatched stationery that makes your workspace looked cluttered? Or maybe you need to sort out some itsy bitsy stationery that comes in singles? Either way, you don't wanna lose that one paintbrush or color pencil that always seems to be disappearing! Maybe you'd like a gorgeous lil travel companion! This is PERFECT to sort out your stationery as well as makeup brushes and other essentials PLUS it's so thrifty it's made right out of a pillowcase! Excited yet???

You'll need:
1. A thrifty pillowcase cover
2.Scissors, measuring ruler and ball pins
3. A sewing Machine and some matching (to the fabric) thread reels
4.Ribbon coordinating your pillowcase
5.Your mum, if you're less than a sewing newbie!


1.I'll assume this step for the general size of most pillows. You'll want to mentally map out the length of your pillowcase into four equal parts. Fold over one-fourth from one side and then fold over again. Cut across. So now you have half the length of your pillowcase. Put the other half aside as we won't be needing that anymore.
2.You'll have an uneven edge from where you cut one side of your fabric. You'll have to invert the about half an inch inside so the uneven edge isn't visible and sew over.
3. On this just stitched edge, place the ribbon end at one corner (wrong side down with right side up of fabric) and sew over till you reach the other corner with the rest of your ribbon trailing.
4. Remember we left the other side of the ribbon trailing? When you come at the edge of the length of the fabric, you need to count 7 inches from there and form a loop with those seven inches; then secure the formed loop at the same corner of the fabric. This is what it looks like.(Now again we have the rest of the ribbon trailing after the stitched loop)
5.Mentally divide the fabric into one-thirds.Fold over a third of the fabric (with the ribbon trim showing) and pin the folded flap down momentarily. Then mark dividends (wide or narrow) with a ruler and pencil according to the width of what you want to stuff in. (I did a combination of both narrow and wide pockets to fit an assortment of junk I've piled up!)
6. Make creases by folding the fabric just to get an idea of where you have to sew.Sew vertical lines aligning with the marks you've mapped out to form the pockets.
7. All done! Now tuck in your pencils or brushes and roll over the fabric! Reminds me of a yum chocolate cake roll right now, but then, I'm such a loyal chocoholic!
To secure the roll, cut off the trailing ribbon as much as the length it takes to go twice over the roll, form a loop and knot it with the previously sewn loop. Do this and check how much length it takes and then trim your ribbon!
That is how you knot the ribbon at the end. I hope you get the idea!
Time to tuck in your mismatched pencils and give them their own lil' home!
Not a crafty chic? You can still use these for your compact mirrors and makeup brushes for on-the-go!

I hope the tutorial was clear enough for you folks! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop over a comment! I would also love to know which function you think this serves better!
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Lots of happy hugs, have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks so cute. I love the colors.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Agnes from

  2. Fantastic brush roll DIY tutorial. Looks so clear to follow. Love it.




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