Friday, September 6, 2013

Craving Ravings//Creamy Chicken Pasta!

Creamy Chicken Pasta anyone? =) When my sweet cousin sister sent me this recipe to try saying that people who dislike pasta in her family happened to smack this up, I knew I had to whip this one pronto!
You know how I said earlier that I post eateries on my blog only when they come out 'that' good?Well this one's a winner!
It's rich, super-creamy with tender pieces of chicken tossed in, enveloped in the delectable sauce and you're gonna savor it to the last bite!Keep in mind that this dish is calorific so save it for special pampering moments!
Here's how to go about it:
-2 tsp olive oil
-2 tsp butter
-1 boneless, skinless chicken breast
-1 tsp onion powder
-1 tsp hot paprika powder
-Pinch of salt and pepper
-3 garlic cloves finely chopped
-1 chicken stock cube
-100 ml water
-100-150 ml milk
-100-150 ml double cream
-2-3 spring onions sliced diagonally (separate whites and greens)
-Handful of cheese
-200g preboiled pasta
-Fresh parsley to garnish
-Salt to taste
-1/2 tsp pepper
-1/2 tsp Dry parsley
-1/2 tsp oregano
-1/2 tsp Red Chili Flakes

1.Heat the oil and the butter in a frying pan till hot and add the chopped garlic.Toss the chicken in the next 4 ingredients (onion powder, paprika powder, salt and pepper) and add to the pan.Cook till juices run clear.
2.Take out the chicken and place it aside. Now back in the pan, stir in the cream and spring onions.
3.Dissolve the chicken stock in water and add it to the pan. Next add milk, cheese and parsley.
4.Now season it with salt and pepper, oregano and red chili flakes.
5. Let all the ingredients thoroughly combine and bring the sauce to a boil. Then leave it to simmer until it has thickened.
6. Meanwhile, cut the chicken breast diagonally into thin slices.
7. For plating, place your pasta first onto your dish. Next arrange the slit chicken pieces on top and finally add the creamy sauce on top. 
8.Garnish it with fresh parsley and serve hot!
My trick to avoid over-eating this irresistible goodness is to make just enough amount so that each person gets one serving and no one goes in for doubles!
Pin this recipe on your to-try board and let me know how it turned out! I want all of you to know just how awesome this pasta is! Definitely the best I've ever made!
See you next time and join me on facebook and pinterest for lots of amazing inspiration!

(CREDIT:This recipe has been adapted from the youtube Channel Ready Steady Eat with a few addition in spices to up the flavor!)

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