Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty Me up: DIY Envelope Clutch!

Give an outfit that extra oomph with this ridiculously cheap and easy envelope clutch made right out of an ethnic cushion cover!


1.A Pair of Scissors
2.Ethnic Cushion Cover, I got it for really cheap from a discount store, so be on the lookout! (about 5$)
3.Fabric Glue or needle  thread
4.Accent buttons (optional)
5.Press buttons
6.Gold Ribbon (optional)
7.Ball pins (not pictured)


1.Here's my cushion cover's view from the front. Place it diagonally because that's how we will be working on creating the clutch.

2.Now turn it over.

Make sure that the zipper is on the lower half of the cover diagonally.We'll keep it that way because we don't want it on the flap of the clutch since that's where you keep inserting your hand from. :)

3.Here's a close up on the zipper which we'll seal with glue.

4.Dab a thin line of the fabric glue on the edge, ease out any wrinkles, and let it dry for a while.Mine hasn't dried down up completely but you get what I mean :) BE SURE TO LET IT DRY COMPLEEEETELYYY.!

5.Now take two opposite corners and bring them towards the center. Secure them when their placement looks perfect with ball pins!

6.Now take the corner underneath and bring it towards the center too.Secure again with ball pins.You might wanna make a few adjustment before it looks right and you get the idea of how it's gonna look later.

7.The previous steps were to give you a hint at what your clutch should look like after it's done.Then unsecure the ball pins, lay out a thin even streak of fabric glue on the edges of those 3 little triangles ^ above (left, center and right) and place them back in the center. Let the glue dry nice and sweet!
Or, if you'd like added durability, go ahead and stitch the corners!I feel that's better unless you are a sewing newbie!

8.When the drying/stitching's done, you should end up with this!

9.I'm sorry I forgot to take the picture for this step! (It's usually towards the end of projects that my adrenalin gets so blissworthy, I just race towards the end!) BUT here's what you do, at the corner of the flap, which goes towards the center again, sew on press buttons, so all your pretty clutch contents don't fall out!
And ta-da! You are done!

This a wonderful last-minutes gift idea, easy to do, glamorous to gawk at and conveniently oversized to chuck in sunnies, lipgloss, a handy mirror, bla bla bla..

Hooray for thrifty party accessories!

You can braid the gold ribbon and loop it at one corner of the clutch.I didn't do it....yet.

The best part is that you can try out fabric from tonnes of variations, nautical stripes, color block, floral, sequins, velvet, GLITTER! (maybe I should try glitter, hmm..)

Oh look, finally, you can see how I sewed on the press buttons up there! Oh-kay, I don't feel as guilty now for missing that step!
And for extra bling, add an accent button on the flap!

See you next time with truckloads more eye candy!

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