Friday, December 19, 2014


Craft A Doodle Doo has its first guest post today!

This one is from Daniela who blogs at Curly Made! I first got to know her when she dropped me an email appreciating my work at Craft A Doodle Doo. She does incredibly easy-to-follow DIYsgorgeously cute nail art and even freebies you should be definitely checking out!
So without further ado, here's how she updated a Plain Jane sweater to a sparkly glitzed statement !

 Hi everyone, recently I've bought these really cool star studs and decided to give an update to my wardrobe, so today I want to share with you this simple idea to make your sweaters extra festive this season.

You will need: studs in whatever color  you want and a comfy sweater.
I've choosen a mix of some smaller silver round and square studs, golden and the copper stars.

Attaching all the studs does take some time, but a trick to make it easier is to use a spoon to close the pins.


Ta-da!! Super easy, to make and a great personalized alternative to those ugly commonplace sweaters.

I hope you liked this, if you want to see more of my diy's check out the blog and follow on blogloving.

Talk to you soon,

Thanks Daniela! It was certainly a pleasure to have you pen down something on Craft A Doodle Doo and I look forward to more collaborations in the future! :)

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Friday, December 5, 2014


Okay, I've been spiraling back and forth between college and while I decided to take a break from my weekly blogging routine I still know it's that beautiful frosty time of the year in most places and soft, cool winds in areas round the globe situated more near the equator like mine.
         So here's to celebrating a decidedly awesome winter with another freebie collection. Perfect for wrapping up presents or making your scrapbook wonderful these prints can update anything in a pinch!

Go ahead and download them all for free! And don't forget to let other friends know about them too!

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New free digital and printable papers by Craft A Doodle Doo; The Better Winter Blues Collection #free #printables #winter #digital #scrapbooking #giftwrap #prints

Friday, October 31, 2014


Let me just begin with what my heart hoots everytime I rest my eyes on one of those Katespade cuties - OHMYGOSH. I always needed one, but making one myself was far more easier. I'm not one for planners but I do like to have myself a couple lots of notebooks to do doodling and jot down creative ideas.

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

So onto the making:


You'll need for this DIY:

1.Black cardstock. You can also use black acrylic /spray paint buuut I found cardstock less messy

2.Gold paper. You know, just be creative with this one. I used some from a Godiva Chocolate gift box.

3.A Hole punch, Scissors, pencils, super glue, matte/glossy finish modpodge and a ruler

4.White paper (optional)

5.Binders/Notebooks/Notepads/Agendas that need glitzing up


1.For the striped notebook: Stripes are my next favorites to florals, and Kate's black and white stripes top the list. I cut the cardstock into 3 cm. wide strips to fit the length of my notebook. I first had to cover my book with some white paper and you'd have to too if you are not beginning with a white one already. ;)
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

Line them up parallel marking with a ruler and pencil the white space's width equal to 3 cm too between the black stripes/stripes.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

Give the whole cover a glossy finish of modpodge to give it that whole "Kate-Spade-y" luxe look. ;)
This acts as a sealant too and protects the whites of your cover.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

2.For the gold polka dot: Punch circles through the gold paper and eyeballing equal spacing between them on the notebook, glue them down. Place the dots for the next line in between dots of the first line. Keep alternating them and seal in everything with a layer of modpodge again.
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

There we go!
DIY Kate Spade Notebooks can't be easier! #diy #glam #KateSpade #notebooks #easy

You could probably pretty up the insides but for now but I'm leaving them blank for my vivid imagination to occupy later ;) Wanna learn how to make notepads from scratch? Check out this popular post of mine!

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