Friday, May 24, 2013

The Freebie Jubilee (and a lil' crafting)- Free Summer Crush Collection!!


Well, introducing this cute, free (as usual) summery collection of free printable papers to you makes me THAT^ happy! It has lots of bright patterns of florals and pretty shapes! 
                                                  Bring on the sunshine!!

Do you think I have just 8 luscious papers? Heck no! I have one more totally pretty one hidden in  the download and 4 coordinating envelopes, great for party invitations and the likes!
You can use these in so many places, scrapbooking, giftwraps, even as strips to add a touch of color, as web-page backgrounds, favor boxes, pretty much on any project that looks like it needs a lil' bit of razzle dazzle!
Since I had fallen in love with the two-tone trend, I ended up using these for the while for making a two-toned cup for organizing moi hair clips/ bands and a few accessories (cuz' you can never have enough of glittery accessories!) *winks*
You can download the awesomeness right here,here n' here!(the files were too hi-res to be uploaded as a solo folder, sorry!)

Or just right click and sive the images below :) (if you're having trouble downloading anything.)

Which one of these digi papers is your fav?
How are you gonna use 'em??
Do let me know dahlins!

You see how I stuffed my headbands in, boy-oh-boy does it looks killer cute sitting with the rest of my decor!
 PS: Find these freebies yum? Wanna get your hands on my previous ones? Grab the irresistible bunch here!

Seen my latest freebie yet?
Click to head over there!^
Have a wonderfulicious summer guys!
(and don't forget to pin if you loved this!)


  1. Thank you for the freebies! i love these gorgeous papers!! The colors are delicious! i pinned and am following too! So glad to have found you!!

  2. That's marvellous to hear! Thanks! Gonna check out your site too :)

  3. Thank you for your gorgeous papers - I know I can find something beautiful to make with them. Thanks again

  4. LOVE the papers! Thank you SO much! I shared your blog on my blog! Hopefully someone will jaunt on over to your place and take a look! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  5. Oh, thank you SO MUCH Deanna! I'm glad these made you so happy, gonna hop off to your blog right now :)

  6. these are very gorgeous, but do not seem to be mac friendly.

  7. I'm sorry 'bout that, if you're having trouble downloading 'em, I'm happy to mail them to you :)

  8. Very nice patterns and DIY !

  9. I love these beautiful papers, but am afraid I'm unable to download them. They keep wanting to download into windows photo viewer where I can't open them. Can you offer suggestions that might help?

  10. @noepapercraft: Thanks!
    @BonnieH:The files are in a zip folder, I'll upload the jpeg images in a couple of days time so that you may directly save the images :)

  11. I can't seem to download them :/ is there anyway I can?

  12. I've uploaded the jpeg images as well, so you can just right-click and save. Enjoy! :)




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